1 Month Old Already

It’s hard to believe our girl is one month old already. In one way, time is flying by-she’s 1 month old!! And in another way, it seems that time is standing still, as her progress has been so slow and rocky. Poppy’s chest is still open, and though she is releasing fluids like a champ these days, she may be too unstable to close it.

Poppy had a rough night a few nights ago. She had problems with her cardiac output, leading to poor profusion (blood flow) to her body (kidneys, head, etc.) So in order to help her heart rest and improve profusion to her body, they cooled her down and ‘paralyzed’ her. On Saturday, they turned off the paralytic to see if she had had enough rest, and after 8 hours, there were subtle signs that indicated she wasn’t quite ready, so they turned it back on. Today they have turned it off in hopes she will show them she is ready. Praying she is ready.

This morning at rounds, the doctors discussed her cardiac function, and from the most recent echo (last week), these problems don’t appear to be caused by her heart function. However, they are perplexed as to why she is failing to thrive after so much time. If she is unable to come off her paralytic, they may take her back into the cath lab to get another look to be sure there isn’t something they are missing. Praying she doesn’t have to go back in. Praying she improves enough to keep her away from anymore procedures for a while.

Needless to say, we’re really ready for her to turn a corner. It’s so hard to watch her all cool and sedated-all I want to do is swaddle her up and hold her in my arms. I long for the day I get to hold her again. We just have to keep reminding ourselves that God’s timing is not our timing. He is in control and whatever His timing, is His perfect timing. Timing not understood by us, but perfect.

In celebration of her one month birthday, we (Poppy, mommy, and help from her nurse) did a photo shoot 😉 The patience and sweetness from the nurses with these kind of special little things means so much- a little bit of ‘normal’ in all of this really helps, probably me most of all. But it’s special and just as much of a memory as if we were at home being normal.

Happy 1 Month Poppy girl!! You are doing great!! You are our sweet strong girl and we love you so much! Maybe today you can show everyone you are ready to roll!! 😉

Thank you to all who have emailed Brad about giving of your time to help move us out of our apartment. There are no words to express how much your outpouring of support means to us- we are constantly humbled by God’s provision.

Please pray for:

-Poppy to show the doctors she is strong and ready to come off the paralytic

-Poppy makes enough progress to get her chest closed soon

-Patience as we wait for God’s perfect timing



19 thoughts on “1 Month Old Already

  1. Your story is so inspirational. I’m sending prayers for Poppy and your family through this tough time. It makes me realize how lucky I was to have a healthy baby girl. I can’t imagine the heartache of not being able to hold your bundle of joy. I enjoy reading the updates. You are much stronger than me. Keep up the good work. She is a gorgeous baby girl.

  2. Prayers for all of the above and more!!! She is so beautiful and I love the color that is adorning her!!!

  3. It’s so humbling to read your posts,and obvious from where you draw your strength. It’s easy to praise the Lord when everything is going well, but the testimony of your dependence on God speaks loudly when you praise the Lord in your trials. God knitted little Poppy in her mama’s womb and knows exactally what’s going on in that little body.
    Father God, lead the doctors that are caring for Poppy in wisdon on how to deal with the issues of her little body. Impress upon them their diagnosis for her well being. We;re thanking you now Father for the healing she will receive. Amen

  4. Oh, what a beautiful baby girl you’ve been blessed with. Happy one month Birthday little Poppy. I pray this is the day you show the Drs. how hard you are fighting and get to come off the paralytic and that each day forward you show signs of improvement. Prayers for Mommy and Daddy that they continue to draw strength from our Lord while he does his work and prayers to the Dr.s that they have eyes open to see the Lords signs to keep you on the path to a complete recovery.

  5. Happy Birthday sweet baby Poppy. Such a beautiful baby girl you have. I love the orange on her looks so bright and beautiful like your little baby. I pray each day for her to get stronger and keep fighting little girl.

  6. Happy Birthday Little Poppy girl!!! You are beautiful in every way. Please continue to be strong for everyone, especially for you. One day you and your family will be able to look back and see what a true blessing and work of god you are to everyone. Keep up the good work Poppy. We all love you!!!! I can’t wait for the day that we get to meet you!!!! In the mean time, god is with you always and our prayers are as well.

  7. Happy Birthday sweet Poppy! Our prayers continue..for you to continue to gain strength, your parents to keep receiving their strength from God and the love that surrounds all of you. You are all an inspiration and have helped others to grow in their faith too. God bless you all. Love, Ray and Kim Hofstad

  8. Christi – Well happy one-month birthday to your sweet little beautiful! She looks lovely in that saturated orange with her gorgeous dark hair! So bummed though to hear about the paralytic. I will be praying for strength and endurance for her little body and to not have to get anywhere near ECMO again. Much love to you four! I’ve had so little time out of Allistaire’s room because of the Ribavirin and I miss seeing you guys around.

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