18 Months

Things have been crazy busy!! We settled into Three Forks in early August, just in time for Brad to get into his classroom and prepare for the school year.  Moving was stressful and wearing as moving always is, but we are thankful to be back in the Gallatin Valley!! It really feels like we have come full circle!  🙂   He is teaching Special Education as well as Ceramics and Drawing in the middle and high school!  We are blessed to have had gracious help from friends and family…God truly provides our every need. It has been such a cool thing to see Brad getting into his very own classroom and loving every minute of it!!! Praise God!!!

Once again, the Lord has surrounded us with amazing friends, family, medical and therapy providers, who have gone out of their way to welcome us and provide the most gracious support beyond what we could have ever imagined. It has been so wonderful to see and visit the people and places we knew before leaving for Seattle. God is so good.

Poppy gets to do her physical therapy, speech/feeding therapy as well as occupational therapy once per week! Occupational therapy is a new one for Poppy, and she’s totally eating it up!! She is doing awesome!!! She gets to play with and experience some really cool things and she’s absolutely loving it!! In physical therapy, she is working on toning up her trunk in preparation for mobility.  She has really made some great progress even just in the past month! She works so hard…she’s such a tough cookie!! 😉 In speech, we are working on signs and soon will be incorporating the use of pictures in communication. Her new babbles consist of: ‘dada,’ ‘lala,’ and ‘nana!!!’  In feeding, we just keep working away!! We were actually encouraged to inquire with Neurosurgery again about the possibility of a G-tube, and I did.  To make a long story short, this girl has a consult for a G-tube later this month when we are in Seattle for follow-ups!! Hallelujah!! Praying praying she is a G-tube candidate!! It would truly be miraculous, and all involved feel it would really help with her feeding/swallowing. That is definitely a prayer request- that the she would be able to have a G-tube and do well with it!! May the Lord’s will be done….She is sitting unsupported for 45 min + clapping, side sitting some, waving on occasion, pulling her socks off, and loves to mimic sounds and gestures!! Her favorite things are: lights, movement, different textures, vibrations, moving to the music, patting, making noise with toys, bubbles, flashing lights, books, fun sounds, swinging, rolling, gnawing on everything, tasting food, and recently, picking on Crosby!!! Let’s just say it’s been interesting 😉 Having to start enforcing rules with her seems so strange, but I’m so thankful for the progress the Lord has revealed in her!
It’s so hard believe she’s 18 months old already, and at the same time, it seems unreal that she was born just 18 short months ago. It is such a joy to see her progress and develop alongside Crosby- so so special 🙂

Crosby is talking soo well!!! It’s been so
fun to be able to witness his growth!! He’s getting to be such a big boy!! He is such a precious boy ❤ However, he still seems to be settling in to the new routine of things….It’s been challenging and at the same time, an amazing time in the way of adjusting…of watching God’s hands at work on each of us. Never a dull moment…let’s just say 😉 I’m in constant prayer over all of it it seems….but that’s what makes it so sweet…knowing that He’s always by my side and knows me, inside and out, my future, ALL…and that I can literally go to Him with anything…even the most mundane of struggles, He loves to help me…if I remember to ask Him…easier said than done, but when I do- it’s peace and sweetness and calm…He’s got it covered!!

Poppy’s next Seattle trip is later this month. She will be seeing transplant cardiology for routine follow ups. She’ll also be seeing audiology for a behavioral hearing test now that she can sit up unassisted (this was a requirement for the test- to be able to sit unassisted!) We have no concerns with her hearing, but a few of the meds she was on when she was inpatient can cause hearing loss, so in a way this is a routine check up as well. She also gets to have an evaluation for a G-tube!!! Thank you to all who have been praying and please continue keep us in your prayers ❤️


















10 thoughts on “18 Months

  1. Crosby and Poppy both are growing into little people and leaving baby hood behind. Poppy needs to share some of her beautiful hair! It is so amazing to see Poppy sitting up and being so happy like the miracle she is. Crosby has blossemed so much this Summer that he will be in school before you know it. AMAZING kiddos you have. Kiss them for me!

  2. Since you are back, I have better opportunity to finally meet this little miracle! Loved to hear Brad is teaching. Your family is growing up!

  3. They are so precious! It’s great to hear Poppy is doing so well! I love all that hair! Will be praying your next trip to Seattle goes well & she gets a G-tube!

  4. Thank you for the update Christi. What a beautiful family you have, and what a precious witness of your faith, and dependence on God your postings are. “Give thanks in all things” IS your banner. God bless.

  5. I have had you on my prayer list for the last year (after you came into Mars Hill and put Crosby in my twos class!), but had lost the link for the wordpress. Today I finally found you and was OVERJOYED to see the miracle God has given you! Poppy is doing so well! I am literally coming to tears. Your family is beautiful. God is good. Know you have prayers continuing to come from my family in Seattle.

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