2 Months Old Already

Poppy is 2 months old already! It is so hard to believe!! She even seems to be growing, which is so encouraging given her fragile state. She weighed 6lbs 10oz at birth and now weighs 7lbs 8oz which is about what Crosby weighed when he was born at 37wks. She’s still so tiny!! I’m praying we get to enjoy her in our arms before she’s not newborn size anymore.

She seems to be tolerating her chest being closed fairly well so far! Praise the Lord!! Honestly, this is a pleasant surprise for everyone involved. Her numbers have actually been pretty good, which is so exciting to see!! Totally a miracle.

Today they did an ERT (extubation readiness test), which is where they turn her breathing support down to see how ready she is to be extubated. She did well for about 30 minutes and then appeared to be working too hard, so they went back to the ventilator settings she was on. Extubation will be the next thing for her to tackle, and the doctors assure us that she will. She just needs lots of practice and growth. There is even talk of the possibility of maybe getting to hold her on Mother’s Day if they think she can handle it!!! I’m trying not to get my hopes up too high, but I am secretly freaking out inside!!! I’m soo excited it’s even being talked about!! 🙂 She hasn’t been in my arms since March 18-needless to say, I am beyond ready!!! Please continue to pray that I get to hold my sweet Poppy on Mother’s Day, and that Poppy continues to have good days and makes decent strides toward extubation.

We are about half way done with the formal evaluation for transplant. We should hear early next week if Poppy is an eligible candidate for transplant. One of the evaluations we are still waiting on is neurology. Please pray that Poppy impresses them 🙂 It sounds like, if Poppy was an eligible transplant candidate at this moment, they would recommend listing her immediately. If she starts to show drastic improvement, then we can always take her off the list, or remain on the list, she may just be moved to a different priority category.

These days have been heavy with emotions and full of information regarding transplant. My mind knows we can do this, my heart knows that God will provide for this in every way, as he always does, but my body is physically ill. We love and appreciate all your prayers, and would specifically ask for additional prayer for this ill feeling I have, as well as guidance and peace for what lies ahead. All we want to do God’s will-pray that we see and hear what He has for us, as He reveals it.




11 thoughts on “2 Months Old Already

  1. Poppy looks so good. I’m so excited for you to hold her. By the way, when I finally held Victoria for the first time, it took 3 nurses to help. I also found out I might have been able to do it sooner but I didn’t know I could ask. It was so much work for them that they never offered. I was actually holding her bed so i didn’t accidently bump the chest tubes. They also had to sedate her because her heart rate sky rocketed when she was lifted out. It was still exciting and such a blessing but I wanted to let you know what to expect.

  2. It is wonderful that you have others who have been through this to help you know what to expect, and so wonderful that they may consider letting you hold her on mothers day. Such a long wait, and so much patience needed. I will be praying for continued improvement and that you get to touch her. Thinking of you a lot as we approach mothers day.

  3. Brad–this is Dr. P! Thank you for sharing your blog with me. She is a beauty! And, all the way from Wisconsin, I will have you all in my thoughts and prayers!!!

  4. Poppy is such a little beauty!! I used to work a Bozeman Deaconess Hospital and go to Efree. I have been praying for Poppy and your family. God is so good! He has a plan! Thinking and praying for you.

  5. Brad and Kristy,
    We continue to pray for your precious baby girl. May God hold her in His arms and give the doctor the path to healing. We pray that you and your family hold strong in Him. Got a bunch of prayer warrior church ladies talkin to the Lord on you behalf as well:} Happy Mothers day and hold her close for all of us… Lori R

  6. we are continuing to lift you and Poppy to our Father- His work in her life is astounding! We are so thankful His sustaining power for you! love the Matticks

  7. Prayers daily from the Everaert family in Bozeman. Tears are brought to my eyes with every update, God is truly watching over your sweet baby girl. She is a fighter!!!

  8. I am praying for your beautiful family! I meet your husband at the outside playground at children’s a week ago. I know Heavenly Father can and will help you! That being said I used my anti nausea mess from my pregnancy to help with my sick feeling. I don’t know how hard it would be for you to get something like that. I wanted you to know just incase you wanted to try. My road has not been as hard as yours but I know it will get easier. You must be amazing people to have been trusted with such a special little girl!

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