She’s Stable!

Poppy came out of surgery yesterday around 4:30 off of ECMO!!! Praise The Lord!! She had a quiet night and seems to be pretty stable!! She’s starting back at square one as far as recovery, but this time around is already going so much better!! Thank you all for lifting our precious girl up in prayer!! Thank you Jesus for saving our girl once again!! I will try to update with more detail later on today.

She’s out!

She’s out!! Dr. Permut is happy! He said the surgery went well! Thank you Lord!!! Thanks to all who have been praying and anxiously waiting with us. We could definitely feel your prayers all day long. Poppy is getting set in her CICU room right now. We are waiting to see her now. Anxious about what she’ll look like, but so ready to be with our precious girl after literally the longest day of our lives!!!!! Now on to recovery….


Off she goes…

You are safe in the Lord’s arms and you have the best skilled hands working on you. We love you so much. Everyone is praying for you, Poppy. Stay strong my darling. See you later this afternoon my sweet girl. Love you forever.




She’s Here!!

Poppy Florence Dahl has arrived!!!

Date: 03.08.13
Time: 10:50am
Weight: 6lb 10oz
Length: 18 3/4″

Poppy came out crying 🙂 Music to our ears! She is already at Children’s getting her first echocardiogram outside of the womb- this is where they take an ultrasound of her heart. This will be the best picture of her heart so far, so we are excited to hear about it! Brad has been with her since delivery and is filling me in on everything as it happens. She is doing great so far! Her oxygen levels are actually in the 90’s right now! Thank you Jesus! Sometimes the medication she is on (prostaglandin) can cause apnea and cause babies to be irritable and she has/is neither! She’s sleeping through all of this 🙂 she is so precious- I miss her already but I’m so thankful she is off to such a great start! Thank you for all your prayers!! She is one special girl 😉 I am hoping to do well enough to be discharged Sunday at noon so I can get to Children’s and be a part of everything. Brad is doing a great job of filling me in- I just want to be there with her.