She’s Here!!

Poppy Florence Dahl has arrived!!!

Date: 03.08.13
Time: 10:50am
Weight: 6lb 10oz
Length: 18 3/4″

Poppy came out crying 🙂 Music to our ears! She is already at Children’s getting her first echocardiogram outside of the womb- this is where they take an ultrasound of her heart. This will be the best picture of her heart so far, so we are excited to hear about it! Brad has been with her since delivery and is filling me in on everything as it happens. She is doing great so far! Her oxygen levels are actually in the 90’s right now! Thank you Jesus! Sometimes the medication she is on (prostaglandin) can cause apnea and cause babies to be irritable and she has/is neither! She’s sleeping through all of this 🙂 she is so precious- I miss her already but I’m so thankful she is off to such a great start! Thank you for all your prayers!! She is one special girl 😉 I am hoping to do well enough to be discharged Sunday at noon so I can get to Children’s and be a part of everything. Brad is doing a great job of filling me in- I just want to be there with her.






6 thoughts on “She’s Here!!

  1. She looks wonderful, just from reading your posts and seeing the pictures of her. What amazing progress has been made in the 25 years since Shanna was born. There was no knowing then before hand. To have such a high pulse ox is a very,very good sign. She looks amazing for being HLHS. Rest easy mama, The Lord has sent his angles to look over her..

  2. Hey, I recognize those doctors in the last photo! The new attending and fellow. Super nice and great doctors. Tell Poppy that Victoria is sticking around the hospital just so she can hang out with her. There is no stronger bond than that of heart buddies. Poppy is going to do so well. Which surgeon do you have?

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