Off she goes…

You are safe in the Lord’s arms and you have the best skilled hands working on you. We love you so much. Everyone is praying for you, Poppy. Stay strong my darling. See you later this afternoon my sweet girl. Love you forever.




8 thoughts on “Off she goes…

  1. She is so incredibly pretty and somehow almost serene looking. What a precious little doll. Holding you close in prayer…

  2. My husband and I prayed for you guys last night (we’re in your same shoes and we’ll be in Seattle in June for delivery and surgery) and I prayed again this morning for you guys in my quiet time. Looking forward to what the Lord does!

  3. Poppy sure is a gorgeous baby girl! I have been keeping her in my prayers along with the whole family. I believe that the our lord has this in his hands and will guide the doctors in all they need to do for Poppy. May you find comfort in all these prayers and support that has and is still coming your way. {{HUGS}} to you!! And Christy just a fyi to you I am LeAnn & Brach Newmiller’s mom Tracy. So Christy when LeAnn told me my heart sunk for you & your hubby. Then I found out that your hubby is an IT TECH which so is mine here in Butte. So I ask him if he knew of yours? He said he did through something called “Tech Rats” .. lol. My thoughts have been with you since so just know I will be praying until. Our family has witness what God does in miracles 6 1/2 yrs ago. So Christy the power of prayer is amazing and healing and God hears us. Keep up your great attitude!! Poppy is a fighter already.

  4. Christy—she is so adorable. I prayed for your sweet Poppy also and will continue to do so faithfully and also for you and your husband to find a calm peace throughout this whole process. I am Sara”s mother in law. We are soon to walk in your shoes in Seattle with our precious liittle Grace. Much love coming your way

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