She’s out!

She’s out!! Dr. Permut is happy! He said the surgery went well! Thank you Lord!!! Thanks to all who have been praying and anxiously waiting with us. We could definitely feel your prayers all day long. Poppy is getting set in her CICU room right now. We are waiting to see her now. Anxious about what she’ll look like, but so ready to be with our precious girl after literally the longest day of our lives!!!!! Now on to recovery….


10 thoughts on “She’s out!

  1. So very glad to hear Poppy is out and well!! We prayed for your Poppy and your family. Looking forward to your next post. God Bless you and yours.

  2. Thank you for letting me talk to you today. I needed that to prepare for the times ahead. What a relief it must be to have her out. She is such a sweet baby girl and you will be so great at caring for all her needs. We can do this.

    • Of course! It was really good talking to you as well. We’ll be praying for your sweet Christian and family as you all adjust to everything. God is good-He takes such good care of us 🙂

  3. So glad she’s out and you’re back together again. I am still up and can’t sleep so I feel the need to write and check on you guys. I will be quite as I do this so I don’t wake the baby .. lol. I have be praying to Poppy and lifting her up with prayers and keeping her in God’s hands. I know there are angels with her as well lots of them. She is surrounded by them and they are just watching her. We be watching for the next post on Miss Poppy. Get your rest and God Bless to you!

  4. Praise God!! Waiting with you guys…what a little soldier! I think she’s officially my new hero (along with her Mom and Dad of course). 🙂

  5. Your baby girl is in our prayers and we thank our Lord our savior for the good news about the surgery! We will pray for healing! Keep us updated!

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