Not Quite Ready…

Poppy is just getting settled back in to her room from the OR. Turns out she wasn’t quite ready for complete chest closure today. All in God’s perfect time…


3 thoughts on “Not Quite Ready…

  1. I remember reading this exact when in Jesus Calling as we were waiting at Children’s in Seattle a year ago for our daughter Esther to get through the tough stuff. Praying for you now. Keep your heads high. God is so in it and you are being a witness to so many. Praying praying praying
    Rhonda Holtrop

  2. Oh, how discouraging! I’m so sorry. Tons of prayers headed your way. God is definitely molding you guys into wonderfully patient people. Little Poppy is so blessed to have you holding her hand through all this. I know she can do it. The journey is so hard but in the end it will be so worth it.

  3. Just clicked on your blog on Facebook and have read the entire ‘Poppy” journey.
    My heart just goes out to you guys – Stay strong:)

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