New Room!!!

Poppy just got settled into her new room located in Seattle Children’s brand new Building Hope!! It’s absolutely beautiful!!

View from her room

Her room


6 thoughts on “New Room!!!

  1. Poppy your new room is awesome!! I love seeing you with your bright eyes wide open like that!! You look like you could conquer the world!! You sure have a good start at doing so already!!! Soon very soon I pray your family can finally hold you!!!

  2. What an wonderful room, Poppy!! I’m very happy for you and your mom and dad. We keep praying for you everyday and night. You have so many “Poppy supporters” at my work place, in my town and within my family!!! You are a miracle child Poppy and we all know you will pull through this and have a wonderful life ahead of yourself, all because of faith in God and of his healing hands. Keep up the wonderful work Poppy and I can’t wait for someday to meet you and your mommy!!! God bless all of you!!! Your cousin Misty

  3. Yeah you have a new view!! Love it a breathe of fresh air so to speak. Poppy sweetie you are looking very good with those big beautiful eyes of yours. Sure nice to look at them. Now to get you closed up and in your folks arms where you need to be is what we are praying for. I know God has this and is telling us we just all need to be patience. So I hope I he will show us a sign soon that you are ready to move forward. So continued prayer baby girl for you and your whole family. I know they all need them as I can feel their pain they go through daily. God Bless you all.and peace be with you everyday 🙂

  4. Christi, Great to see Brad and talk to him at church for a little bit today….praise God for how you both are allowing Him to minister through your family of four to others through all of this….continuing to pray!

  5. Poppies are my favorite flower and I have two beautiful silk ones in my office. Yet they pale in comparison to the little girl in the pics above. She’s so alert despite what she’s been through. Please know your family can relax in the knowledge that all of your possessions will be safe and secure at my place! God Bless!

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