Looking Good!

Poppy came out of the OR a couple hours ago and is doing great!! Praise The Lord!! The neurosurgeon, Dr. Reynolds said things couldn’t have gone more smoothly!!! Her numbers were rock solid throughout the procedure and she was even extubated before being brought back to her room! They are continuing to watch her closely as she recovers. Thank you all for your prayers!! God is so good!! Thank you Jesus for such amazing medical care and prayerful support from so many! We are so blessed 🙂

Before surgery:


After surgery:


VP Shunt

Tomorrow Poppy will go in to neurosurgery to have her VP shunt placed. Today, it is again apparent she is in need of it, as the fluid accumulation has returned since her spinal tap. She is also extra urpy and irritable. They are watching her closely to be sure another spinal tap today isn’t necessary. Poor darling 😦 Please pray she has a restful day today and a successful day tomorrow!! I can’t wait for our girl to feel better!! In the meantime though, we’ve had some great time holding and the rest of her is doing great!! Praise The Lord!






So far so good…

So far Poppy is doing great! Doctors are quite pleased! Praise God!! The next thing will be to take out the breathing tube!! She’s been intubated since March 18, so we are more than ready!!! 😉 Praying God’s timing for that is soon!