So far so good…

So far Poppy is doing great! Doctors are quite pleased! Praise God!! The next thing will be to take out the breathing tube!! She’s been intubated since March 18, so we are more than ready!!! 😉 Praying God’s timing for that is soon!






15 thoughts on “So far so good…

  1. She is absolutely stunning! What gorgeous eyes she has and all that HAIR!!! Mine were all bald, so I LOVE hair! God is good! Our family continues to pray even though I may not comment much on here, please know that we are following you guys closely and He already has answered so many prayers its obviously working!!! So happy for your family! I can’t wait until you can hug and squeeze her…and not gently either!! Love and prayers!

    Doug and Christine Larson
    Parker, Blake and Riley, (mini-Larsons)

  2. This is so amazing! She’s a tough little girl, and has tough, amazing parents! I noticed there will be a TV special on Seattle Children’s Friday night I plan to watch. Hugs!

  3. Wonderful news. Our prayers continue for this miracle Baby and her family. The Lord continues to show his love through Poppy.

  4. Such wonderful news, and beautiful photos. And can I just say, as a mom of daughter’s with amazing eyebrows, Poppy has amazing eyebrows! 🙂 Every little detail so wonderfully crafted by the Creator!

  5. She looks so much better and not as tired as before the new heart. Especially in the picture when she is sleeping. Wonderful you guys and so happy to see these pictures!

  6. Praise the Lord! She looks amazing! her coloring is beautiful! We’re praying for quick and complete recovery!

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