Looking Good!

Poppy came out of the OR a couple hours ago and is doing great!! Praise The Lord!! The neurosurgeon, Dr. Reynolds said things couldn’t have gone more smoothly!!! Her numbers were rock solid throughout the procedure and she was even extubated before being brought back to her room! They are continuing to watch her closely as she recovers. Thank you all for your prayers!! God is so good!! Thank you Jesus for such amazing medical care and prayerful support from so many! We are so blessed 🙂

Before surgery:


After surgery:


9 thoughts on “Looking Good!

  1. In the middle of the night I woke up, thought of Poppy and prayed…and continue to do so….so glad to hear the surgery went well. Praying for healing and continued improvement….Love & Hugs,

  2. Never get tired of hearing the good news!!!! She doesn’t know us, but whisper in her ear that we’re thinking of her!!!!

  3. The Poppy plants in my backyard only had buds on Saturday. Today they are open and beautiful, just like your little Poppy!!!

  4. So great to here. So great to meet you guys Sunday. Thanks for giving the Lord so much Glory. You truly shine and we can see Jesus in you guys so much. Still praying praying praying. Can’t wait for you to take her home someday. God bless

    Rhonda and Jason Holtrop

  5. We are so happy that Poppy did well during surgery and is out doing even better!!! God bless Poppy and all of you for that matter. Praying and praying for all of you!!! Keep up the excellent work Poppy. We are cheering you on!!!! ❤

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