The Move to the Floor

It happened!!! Poppy graduated to the floor today!!!! New exciting territory for us and our girl! Woohoo!! Hallelujah!!!’



11 thoughts on “The Move to the Floor

  1. How wonderful!! Yeah Poppy you are doing so well prayers prayers still coming your way for you and your mommy and daddy!

  2. I know you don’t know me, but I’m from MT and live in Seattle and have been following Poppy’s miraculous story! She is such a miracle and seems to have the most amazing parents! So glad to read each update and see all of her progress throughout this journey! She looks SO GOOD! Praying for all of you!

  3. Love the graduation cap! There really should be a tutorial for all the different things that can be made from hospital supplies!

  4. Bless her little heart – literally! I have to comment on the remark made early from a lovely kind lady in Seattle (Alexa) about Poppy having amazing parent, and it dawned on me that not all of you know Poppy’s incredible parents. So, for those of you out there that don’t know the Dahl’s, honestly, words simply cannot express how wonderful these people are! For those of us lucky enough to know the Dahls, we feel incredibly lucky to have them as part of our lives, and care so much about them. We all consider our lives incredibly blessed to have them all in our lives. As always, we are thinking and praying for you all! We miss you.

  5. Christi, she is so beautiful, I thank God for all that He has done. You’re all such a blessing in so many lives. I am so excited for you. Love you all, God bless

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