Shunt Revision 8am

Poppy will go to neurosurgery tomorrow morning at 8am to reposition her vp shunt in hopes that this blocked ventricle is blocked because of the shunts current position. After surgery, they will see if the new position is all that is needed to get sufficient drainage from all of the ventricles. If not, and the ventricle is still unable to drain, then she will have a second vp shunt put in (so she could have 1 on each side). A second shunt would mean yet another trip to neurosurgery and essentially double the infection risk that is already higher due to her immunosuppression.

We are praying for a single shunt to do the job as well as a smooth and speedy recovery with no infection!! Please continue to keep our family in your prayers- while we know that God has it ALL, and she is safe in His arms, we are just so physically exhausted and mentally weary. Brad and Crosby are on their way back from MT today, so prayers for safe travels would be awesome as well.



4 thoughts on “Shunt Revision 8am

  1. I have been praying for Poppy ever since I’ve known her and will continue. I will also continue to pray for strength and courage for mommy and daddy. God Bless you.

  2. Our entire church prayed for Poppy and you all yesterday during her surgery. Our prayer team will continue praying! We await news of her recovery and God’s power at work once again in your precious little girl. Love, Paul and Cynthia Johnson (Gaelen’s grandparents)

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