Wait and Watch

Poppy seems to be getting back to herself more and more each day!! Praise the Lord!! Hallelujah!! So far, the neurology team is not completely convinced that Poppy needs a second shunt. Over the last couple of days, they have been changing the settings on the drain to see how she acts with each setting, truthfully it’s been hard to tell a difference between having the drain clamped and having it open, and when it’s open, she’s been draining what any other baby would drain. The thought is that this accumulation of fluid came on over some time, and since it’s really a gray area from neuro’s perspective, as far as what will be best for her long term, they want to wait and watch before committing her to another vp shunt.

With that said, we may be able to go home tomorrow!!!! Praying praying this is the case!!! They just took out her external shunt at the bedside- soo crazy to watch!! The idea is that we will watch her very closely at home and come in right away if things change. Otherwise, we will be in clinic next week for a CT to check on everything.

We are soo so thrilled to see our sweet girl coming back to us- it’s just truly amazing!!! Such a precious gift!! We will be praying that Poppy will continue to improve and never need an additional shunt. Thank you all for joining us on our knees in prayer during this roller coaster ride- it truly means so much to have such loving prayerful support.






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