I had asked prior to surgery, ‘so it must be pressing if you want to take her to the OR at 10pm (this is at 4pm)…’ granted, I had seen the images and could see the changes- I was probably asking more for validation…The answer I got was, ‘it’s only been 4 days since her last scan, and all of her ventricles are significantly bigger when comparing today’s scan to the last scan. If Poppy wasn’t so sick, we could wait until morning, but her ventricles have grown so much in such a short time frame, we feel confident that the shunt has malfunctioned and we should take her as soon as she has fasted for long enough.’ I figured, but had to be sure. So so bummed this is happening to my girl who had been through so much. Just sick to my stomach, anxious, and honestly truly sad that I would be sending Brad and Crosby home for the night, once again our family separated…and Crosby melting down because his mom and new sister weren’t coming with 😦 Ugh….breaks my heart every time- even just thinking about it makes me well up.


Poppy got a late start to the OR last night. She didn’t end up going in until around midnight. I didn’t mind a bit- this meant her anti rejection meds could be in on time, not to mention the fact that I will NEVER turn down cuddle time!


Walking her to the OR


Around 1am, Dr. Lee, the attending neurosurgeon came to tell me about how things were going. It was the exact same problem as last time. (So there are 3 main components to the shunt- the catheter that goes into the ventricle, the valve that sits outside and creates the bump on her head, and the drain that runs along the side of her body into her peritoneum.) The valve itself was clogged with blood just like the last time. In the scheme of things, this was great news because all they had to replace was the valve. She said the same thing as far as shunts go that I keep hearing and reading…’some kids can have theirs with no problems for 10-15 years, while other kids can have as many as 12 revisions in one year- it really comes down to luck and Poppy has so far just had really bad luck.’ I could tell she was disappointed to have had to put Poppy through another surgery, but was glad they were able to tackle it promptly.

Poppy came back to her room around 3am resting comfortably. She had brief wake period through the early morning, and seemed to move her eyes and head really well. She’s been resting ever since. Thank you Jesus!! Typically, most patients would be discharged today after a surgery like this, but because this is Poppy, it’s sounding like they want to keep her 12-24hrs post-op. I guess I can’t blame them, and I want what’s best for her of course. But I may try to add merit to the fact that I have caught each malfunction and see if they would let her go later on the evening since I’m soo good 😉 Wishful thinking, I know but I guess we will see how the day goes.

Once again, thank you all for your never ending prayers for our sweet girl. It’s as if you all are riding this crazy roller coaster ride with us, and it’s honestly comforting to have such loving support. We pray that she continues to rock her recovery and for her shunt to last her years!!



16 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. We so love your little girl! We will never stop praying for Poppy. I am off to Bible study and Poppy will be at the top of our prayer request list. God Bless you all.

  2. Thanks SO much for keeping everyone in the know. Glad that this was good news, can’t even imagine your feelings. Continue to pray for Poppy and your family.

  3. Sweet little Poppy. Hope this shunt lasts for 15 years. 🙂 My daughter had a 103 temp this weekend, and I was crazy checking it every 15 minutes in both ears for three days. I can’t imagine what you are going thru and how your lives have changed forever! Keep up the good work, mama! Praying for Poppy!

  4. No one can really comprehend what your all going through really but we really care and wait for any news on this sweet girl and her family!!! I pray this is the last surgery for a long long time and that she can be home with her family really soon! Denese Moritz Calahan

  5. Christi, my heart goes out to you all. We are praying and praise God for everything. Sending you lots of hugs.

  6. She looks so much more peaceful again. And yes, you should feel validated that you are able to recognize when she is having trouble and be proud and humbled that you follow up on it each and every time. I think you need matching Super Mom and Super Poppy shirts. Saying prayers and crossing my fingers that this time the shunt functions properly for a very loooooooong time. Praying for peace, rest, and healing for all of you.

  7. You amaze me. God is being glorified through you! You are doing a fabulous job with Poppy’s care and Crosby’s too. They are blessed to have 2 God-guided parents. I know it breaks your heart & I wish it wasn’t such a roller coaster ride so will continue to pray for healing and strength for you. Love & Hugs….

  8. I have been following Poppy’s story for so long and am amazed by how well she is doing despite all the challenges. I am curious though- how can we help your family? I feel as if we follow the story and prayers are provided, but what else do you guys need?

  9. Always continuing to pray for all of you, especially for Poppy and her positive recovery. Thank you for taking the time to update us all – I know I speak on behalf of so many people when I say we are all constantly Praying and you are always in our thoughts.

  10. She is looking better and better in the photos, so I would guess she is improving even though these set-backs occur. You are doing good work in monitoring her so closely. Just one day at a time, Christi!

  11. The Lord is Poppy’s Shepherd. What could be better than to be assured about that? We continue to pray for you all.
    Love, Paul and Cynthia Johnson (GaGa and GumGum)

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