Prayers for Friends

Poppy made it home yesterday- praise The Lord!! We are soo enjoying being together once again. And while we are here, soaking in some glorious family time with my parents in town, Poppy has a couple friends still in the CICU, desperately fighting for their lives.

Please please keep Oskar, Adrian, and Michael in your prayers. They are in great need of your fervent prayers for healing miracles and new hearts. Their families need prayers of peace and comfort as they anxiously wait on The Lord’s perfect timing-a fighting chance at life for their sweet babes.

The waiting days are days we will never forget and will never miss, our heart breaks for our dear friends as they are living moment by moment. God’s grace is the only thing that got us through such trying times- Lord flood the CICU with your grace and presence and surround these families and darling babes with your divine peace.


7 thoughts on “Prayers for Friends

  1. So glad to see your post! Sweet Poppy has such expressive eyes…. What a little dolly! Will pray that the roller coaster ride smooths out for your family.

  2. Praying for all of you and praising God for all that He has done. We also lift up all of Poppy’s little friends, Lord pour Your healing touch upon them, Peace and comfort for the families.

  3. Such a beautiful baby!!! Poppy we continue to pray for you every night and will add your friends as on tonight. You are such a fighter and we pray that they will fight as hard and Jesus gets them home too!!! God Bless you and your wonderful

  4. What a beautiful little Poppy! So glad to hear you are home. I will pray for Oskar, Adrian, and Michael and their families and medical teams. Bless you for asking on their behalf!

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