2 Shunt Girl

Poppy had a fairly decent night considering. She had a couple hours of restlessness, but seemed to be soothed by a little Tylenol. Over night, her heart rate began to trend down (aka bradycardia). Typically fast asleep, her heart rate is 120, it’s becoming a trend when this ventricle is growing/acting up for her heart rate to drop down to 105ish fast asleep, and that’s what started to happen over night. So far she has been sleeping the day away, not even waking for vitals as usual, this ‘hard to wake’ thing is also another indicator something is up. Her pupils are reactive, just a little slower-so we are very thankful we are here and admitted as these other signs of trouble are starting to show up. Thank you Jesus for direction.

The board of neurosurgeons discussed Poppy’s case and history this morning. The decision was unanimous- this enlarged ventricle (what neurosurgery is calling a cyst) needs a shunt. Scan after scan- day after day-there’s just simply too much data that supports her needing an additional shunt. So she will keep the one on the left and have the additional shunt placed on the right.

There are 2 ways of doing this. 1. They could use an additional catheter and tie in to the existing shunt on the left side or 2. They could set up this ‘cyst’ with its very own shunt system. The decision was made to give it it’s very own shunt system- from her head, down the side of her neck, to her peritoneal space (just like the one she has currently on the left had side). Having 2 separate shunt systems has its benefits for diagnosing (heaven forbid) future malfunctions, by making it obvious which one is having the ‘problem,’ but having 2 shunt systems also doubles the chances of possible malfunctions. She is an ‘add on’ case today, meaning anytime this afternoon they will take her to the OR. Praying praying for a successful trip to the OR and humbly pleading this to be her final trip for a good long while!!

In other news, that I just have to reiterate, because it’s a PRAISE for sure, is the fact that Poppy still has NO signs of rejection!!! She is absolutely LOVING her new heart!!!! Woohoo!!! Hallelujah!! Thank you Jesus!! The heart failure team made the comment today at rounds that definitely, had Poppy had needed all of this surgical attention prior to her new heart, she would not have been able to handle it. Thank you Jesus for providing a new heart for Poppy at the perfect time, before Hydrocephalus was even found- it is physically providing her with the strength to get through all this extra shunt stuff. Pretty amazing…

Please pray for a successful day in the OR where God’s presence is made known and our girl comes out looking and feeling great with no concern of infection!!!



6 thoughts on “2 Shunt Girl

  1. What an amazing way to look at this challenge. God is so alive in your heart and teaching all of us through you. Thank you for making me a better person by sharing Poppy with me and my family. We pray for you daily.

  2. Poppy- Jesus is with you and so are we in spirit. God bless all involved in this shunt placement. May you grant peace to us all Lord Jesus. Amen

  3. What a precious little girl.. I pray that the Lord’s hands along with the Doctors and Nurses all involved in this detailed operation place this shunt perfectly.. Poppy is a strong little one a real fighter!!! Mom, dad, brother and extended family God bless you all and comfort you at this time, Amen.

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