Poppy came back to her room about an hour ago. She seems to be pretty relaxed and sleepy, thanks to some extra sedation during her post op CT and shunt series X-rays-she is resting ‘comfy, cozy’ as our good friends in the CICU call it! 😉

Upon arrival, the nurse had noticed her pupils to be big and reacting much slower than her baseline, accompanied by lethargy. Maybe it’s because she just had brain surgery, you may say, but typically she is out of anesthesia by now, so just to be thorough, neurosurgery was contacted.

This is when we were told of her needing some help relaxing in CT, hence the additional sedation. The neurosurgeon resident seemed to be very pleased with the post op CT scan and is pretty confident this pupil thing is completely sedation related. She will of course, be monitored very closely tonight. She now has a vp shunt on either side of her head, completely independent from the other. Praying she is set for MANY many years to come!!!

We are praying for a peaceful night of resting ‘comfy, cozy.’ And….for a chance at discharge tomorrow?!?! Hey, you never know?! All things are possible with God, right?! 😉 Thank you all for continuing to hold our family so closely in prayer. It means so much to us. It is so encouraging to be able to read through all your comments as we wait- it encourages us to seek Him out and attempt to give all worry over to Him, so thank you!! And thank you Lord for what the neurosurgeons are calling a successful trip to the OR!! Can’t wait to see our girl back to herself, ready to play and tackle binky training, now that her brain is back in working order!! Praise God!!




9 thoughts on “‘Comfy,Cozy’

  1. Christi- your faith is humbling. So thankful for what looks like a positive outcome. Will be lifting the Dahl family up in prayer… Healing, rest and recovery!
    (Fyi… Meghan P is my daughter 🙂 )

  2. Awe, she is so precious, it’s weird to be so attached to someone’s child you have never even met, I think about you guys and pray for you all allot, I’m so glad her surgery is over! Praise Jesus!

  3. We continue to pray for you all and rejoice with you in today’s success. Wow….what a journey. Where would we be without our faithful Father? May His grace keep meeting every need as He grants you strength and carries you along, day by day and night be night. Thank you for the inspiration you are as you lean on Him. Many blessings and much love to you!

  4. She is so precious and so very very strong. I pray she has a good night and that she wakes up feeling great. I am learning from you to let go and let God! It is all in God’s hands. We have no control and everything works out the way God wants it!!!!! God Bless her beautiful soul:). She is very blessed to have parents like you. Stay strong!

  5. God bless your family. Happy tears to hear this praise report. Thank You Jesus for guiding these doctors line upon line, precept upon precept and giving them wisdom to take care of your child Poppy. Praying supernatural rest, peace, steadfast faith and the hope of your glory over this precious family in Jesus Name. ❤

  6. Continued prayers for all of you! She is one amazing little girl with an amazing family! Thank you for sharing her struggles and victories with us!! Hugs and prayers to all of you!!

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