Yesterday, Poppy got to try some sweet potatoes at her OT appointment, and did pretty well!! Praise God!!! At first she wasn’t thrilled to be practicing her oral skills, but after she got a little taste, her ears perked up, and she did pretty well for her first time!! It was pretty cute! 😉

We practiced again today, and she did so well, I got excited and ended up feeding her too much-she ended up vomiting all of it up 😦 I forget that she’s never really had anything in her tummy before, so what seems like a small amount is actually quite a lot for her. At least now I have an idea of what will be a good amount to start with, and work up as she is able!

We also practiced her Haberman bottle today, and she did great with that as well!! Thank you Jesus for these productive few days of oral feeding!! It’s going to take lots of time, patience, and consistency before she will be able to sustain herself without her feeding tube.

She is also doing a great job with her head control and hand grasping skills!!! She has also been cooing and smiling up a storm!! It’s awesome!! We are totally eating it up!! So so fun!! 🙂

We are praying that at this weeks cardiology visit, Dr. Law will give the ok to pull her tube to her tummy to make her NG. For her to be able to tolerate her feeds in her tummy (NG), would be one of those necessary things needed to happen for us to be released home to MT. With her tube where it is (ND/nasal duodenum/small intestine), if it comes out, we have to have a nurse place it and have it checked by x-ray. If her tube is NG (nasal gastric), then I will be able to place it and check placement myself with a stethoscope, if it should come out. This is probably one of the biggest things that would keep us here longer, and needless to say, we are ready to come home!!

Please pray for patience and wisdom as we tackle this great challenge. She is already doing fairly well, and we are rejoicing for that!! Thank you Jesus!! Also, we would appreciate your prayers for direction as we seek and anticipate what God has in store next for our family!













13 thoughts on “Purée

  1. LOVED reading this on sweet little Poppy!! I can’t believe how her looks have changed…she’s not a little baby any more. What a beautiful, beautiful miracle!!! God bless all of you!!!!!!

  2. Praise God, she is doing so well. What a beautiful baby girl, her smile, and eyes. She is looking so good Christi. Thank You Jesus. Bless this family and meet their needs Lord.

  3. I continue to pray and watch miracles happen in your lives. My recent prayers are for Poppy to be able to grow up into a bubbly, giggling little girl surrounded by the love of her family.

  4. Such a sweet smile. I am amazed at your strength and stamina. Keeping you in prayers and we do enjoy reading your posts and seeing pictures. You are a true disciple of Christ in your daily actions. God bless you and your family.

  5. Ohhhh, we love hearing of how Poppy is doing and what God is up to in her/your/many others lives as you live for Him! We will continue to pray for the NG coming quickly- we also would love to have you back in MT 🙂 And will be praying for your next steps as a family! God is so good- all the time. (By the way you would enjoy Jim’s last series on Ruth- I think you’d relate – to the hard times and yet how God has it all in his hands all the while) Love the Matticks

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