NG Baby

Poppy had a great cardiology appointment this week!!! Thank you Jesus!! Her physical exam was great! She is now 15.5lbs and in about the 45th percentile for height, weight, and head circumference!! Dr. Law said she looked ‘beautiful!’ This is actually really good coming from Dr. Law- he is very careful with his words, and is not known for saying things just to say them… 😀 And no rejection!! Praise God!! Feeling so incredibly blessed!! 🙂

At the appointment, I asked Dr. Law about moving her feeding tube from her small intestine to her tummy, in hopes that she would tolerate it, thus one step closer to weaning off the tube. He asked me if I thought she would tolerate it, and I said ‘I really do-I think it’s worth trying!’ He said ‘ok!’ The next thing I knew, the transplant nurse was in to make the adjustment!! She did great and is doing amazingly well with the change!! Woohoo!! Hallelujah! We are also down to every 6 hours on her hydromorphone wean!! She is doing so awesome!!

We try to practice purée 3x a day and she takes anywhere from 2-4 baby spoonfuls each time! I know it doesn’t seem like much at all, but for her right now, it is her max. We just keep practicing…it seems like each day she shows is something new- it’s pretty amazing.

Right now, we are really trying to focus on head/neck strength, so much to her dismay, we are doing a lot of tummy time. She’s also getting good at bringing her hands up to her mouth and sucking on them a little!! Brad tried a teething ring and she loved it! She’s becoming more verbal and offering more smiles everyday- it’s just so cool to see her flourish 🙂 Thank you Lord- You have made this all possible!!!











16 thoughts on “NG Baby

  1. What wonderful progress! The pictures are priceless! Can’t wait to see the documentary on the 8th. I told our transplant coordinator about your story and she is anxious to watch as well. Miracles really do happen.

  2. What am amazing journey you have all experienced. It is so heart-warming to read your posts and hear about the amazing strides Poppy is making. You are all truly blessed!

  3. I love the pictures of Poppy and her brother! The word “emerging” comes to mind when I read about Poppy’s progress. These babies that a in the hospital for so long and on sedation come out of this “cocoon” at home. It’s so beautiful and amazing! I’m sure the docs and nurses see the most change when you go back for your appointments. Love this girl! Keep on trusting.

  4. I am so happy for you, Poppy looks so good, she is such a doll. What a blessing to be a part of this journey with you. Sending lots of hugs and love your way.

  5. Nothing better to wake-up to then hearing awesome news!!! Praise the Lord she is doing great. Praying for you all. So happy to hear she is making progress thank-you Jesus. God bless everyone involved in Poppy’s progress.

  6. She is indeed so beautiful. Love the picture where she is sleeping and looks like she’s praying. Gaelen is doing so great too! Maybe Poppy and Gaelen will see each other someday in the future and compare their intimate conversations with Jesus…
    Love and Prayers are still coming your way!

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