A few days…

Well, Poppy is still absolutely LOVING her new heart!! Hallelujah!! Thank you Jesus!! Her echo and EKG were perfect!! Her lab work, with the exception of her magnesium, were right on as well!! We are thinking the new rhythm that I heard was the low magnesium. It’s not uncommon to hear arrhythmias when electrolytes are even slightly off, so we were happy to hear that was most likely the reason! Possibly her mag was low because of the increased vomiting and diarrhea. She’s also on the cyclosporine that is known to ‘waste’ the body’s magnesium, so a little dose increase of mag and arrhythmia is solved!! Praise The Lord!!

As far as her shunts go…her ventricles are still small. This is good in the way that it means her shunts are still working!! It is ALWAYS a relief to know her shunts are working!! Thank you Jesus!! However, Poppy ended up showing the Neurosurgery NP what she’s been up to as far as acting not herself, which was helpful. The Neurosurgery team decided to adjust the shunt that goes into one of her ventricles to drain a little less, and decided to keep the shunt that is in the cyst at the setting that drains the most, and see how she does over the next few days. She agrees that something is not right, that she is definitely uncomfortable and not acting herself, so she said that they will also be consulting with Neurology just to be thorough. They want to be sure that it’s indeed just a shunt issue and not something developing. It could really be a lot of things…shunt setting, seizure related, her just getting older and starting to have an opinion about things, damage starting to reveal itself, a couple things going on at the same time…etc. So we are here for a few more days and we are ok with that. All we want is for Poppy to feel better and more herself, and to be sure that she is before heading home. Praying fervently that the shunt adjustment is just the thing she needed!!

Since being adjusted late morning yesterday, Poppy has vomited 3 times, and has worked her feed rate down to a continuous rate of 35ml/hr. This means that she is no longer able to tolerate being fed ‘meals,’ but now gets a continuous drip of just over 1oz/hr for 20 hours a day. This is a major regression in the area of feeding…I will be calling and probably taking her back in today… There is usually an settling out period after a shunt adjustment, so praying praying that this is all it is.


4 thoughts on “A few days…

  1. Praying for Dear Poppy and her medical team that they are able to make the adjustments to make her feel better and to allow for her and her parents to come home with confidence and peace that she is progressing well. Love You!

  2. Your faith and positive attitude are an inspiration.
    Our son, John, also had hydrocephalis when he was an infant. He outgrew his shunts initially, then finally had corrective surgery. That was over 50 years ago. Medicine has greatly improved today. Thanks for the reminder to continue to pray.

    God Bless you all!

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