Coming Back

After being checked out by Opthamology, Neurology, and Neurosurgery (yes, they are separate believe it or not) again on Friday. Neurology had no concern of seizure activity and Opthamology said her optic nerve looked beautiful!! Praise God!! Neurosurgery decided that giving Poppy the weekend to settle out would be the best. At this point, she was not tolerating bolus feeds and was still not acting herself. Another haste MRI and check up were scheduled for Monday in order to ensure things look good and that she is feeling better before we head for home. We also visited with Cardiology about her Zantac dose. She’d been on the same dose for as long as I could remember and decided she could definitely tolerate an increase to see if that would help with her vomiting. Worth a try!

Over the weekend, Poppy is improving!! Hallelujah!! Praise The Lord!! She is now tolerating her bolus feeds again!! She’s not quite up to the rate she was at prior but close!! She’s also soo much more happy and interactive!! She’s even trying really hard to sit up and is working on her rolling without prompting!! She is coming back to us!! Thank you Jesus!! And today, she and daddy share a special day- Poppy is celebrating her 9 month birthday and Brad is celebrating his 32nd birthday!! God is so good to us. Humbled by His overwhelming grace and provision. Thank you Jesus for allowing us to celebrate this day together ❤️ Looking forward to hopefully being Montana bound on Monday!! Thank you all for your fervent prayers 😊















5 thoughts on “Coming Back

  1. I LOVE Poppy’s hair doo in these photos!!!! She looks so incredibly happy and so does everyone else!!! Merry Christmas Dahl family!!!! God bless each and everyone of you. Safe travels home.

  2. Bless you all as you make the trip home! Wishing you the Merriest of Christmases, not forgetting the Lord in Christmas!

  3. Praise God, HE is always good. Happy Birthday Brad, have a wonderful day. My son is celebrating his birthday, he is 33. God bless you all, sending lots of hugssss.

  4. Dear Christi, You continue to be an inspiration to so many of us! Praise God for your abundant faith!!! Thank you so much for keeping us in the loop about what is going on with Poppy and your family. The Lords has blessed us richly! We of course continue in prayer for Poppy and for each of your family. We love you more than you know and love knowing your news. And we love seeing you all in the photos. Thank you! Blessings to you and yours this Christmas season. We have much to celebrate!!! with love, Jayne Brown Tyler, Texas

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