Biopsy Results

And the biopsy report shows NO REJECTION!!!! Hallelujah!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!! We couldn’t feel more relieved, blessed, grateful, happy and joyous and ……!!!!!! Homeward bound!!! Woohoo!! Praise The Lord!!! 😊



Cath and Recovery

Today, Poppy underwent her heart cath and biopsy procedure, and things couldn’t have gone better!! Thank you all for praying ❤️ Dr. Rubio (cath doc) said the pressures in her heart are ‘pristine’ and everything else he saw looked really good!! Praise The Lord!! What wonderful things to hear!! He said, ultimately Pathology has the final say, so we should hopefully hear their preliminary report tomorrow.

I asked Dr. Albers (transplant doc) what the odds were of rejection when really everything looks good, labs, numbers, cath pressures etc, and she said usually you do see more than one change occur when it is rejection, but that there have been plenty of times when there have been no changes whatsoever, and rejection has only been picked up at the annual cath within the pathology report. So while we are joyous and hopeful of today’s findings and even just how the day went overall-it honestly couldn’t have gone better, we really won’t know whether she’s in rejection or not until the pathology report comes back. We thank you all for your prayers!! We could definitely feel them 😊 Praying for the ‘ok’ to head home tomorrow!!

Ps: While in recovery (recovery was kind of long!! 4 hours of holding down Poppy’s legs, as they accessed through her groin for the procedure, as well as trying to help her rest- she really did rock the recovery, I think everyone was just tired) anyway, during that time, Poppy drank 2oz of water from a BOTTLE!!! Granted she’d had nothing to eat or drink for 12 hours (we thought, why not try it?!), but even laying down, she was able to suck and swallow 2oz!!! That’s like 60mls!! Only 740mls to go, and she’d be off of her tube!!😊 Purely miraculous!!! Brad and I both had tears….after a long day at the hospital, it was by far the best moment of the day 😊 Thank you for reminding us that anything is possible with You, Lord!! Praying it sticks!!