Poppy has been fighting sickness all week. Started out on Monday with fever and vomiting…lots of it…It’s concerning when she’s not able to tolerate feeds, and even MORE concerning when she’s not tolerating meds!!! She relies on her meds- her body NEEDS her meds so that it doesn’t start rejecting her heart!! I had to redose her meds 3 times on Monday!! I called the Transplant Team, and they switched her over to pedialyte from regular formula. She tolerated the switch like a champ, although still urpy for meds.

Tuesday, she got to see Dr. Hardy!! We love him 😊 He is such a Godsend!! He thought she looked really good, considering. Her heart function was great, and he also suggested to give some anti-nausea a half hour before meds to see if that would help. Genius. It’s like, now why didn’t that occur to me?! Thank you Jesus for Dr. Hardy!! Her temp was just under a true fever and I often give Tylenol if she seems uncomfortable…He thought she’s probably just fighting what everyone else seems to have. At the time, her oxygen saturation was at 96%. Typically, she sats right around 99/100%, but considering she’s fighting something, 96% is tolerated.

Wednesday she seemed cranky and tired but had some really good moments of sitting unassisted and reaching for her favorite toys 😊 I was thinking maybe she was on the mend?

Yesterday morning, she spiked another fever, so we had her seen by Dr. Maynard, her pediatrician. Her oxygen saturations were 90ish…She sounded rattley so she also got a chest X-ray and nasal swab to check for infections as well as a nebulizer breathing treatment. After all that, she was tired and fell asleep. That’s when her o2 sats told the story….low 80s when asleep. So, needless to say, we were admitted and her nasal swab came back positive for RSV!!

Because Poppy is immune compromised and medically fragile, she is able to get a shot called Synagis, which provides antibodies for RSV. It is a monthly shot she gets throughout RSV season and she’s gotten every one of them, and it’s proving to be paying off so far! The doctor yesterday said that even though she’s needing oxygen support right now, that she is really doing quite well for having RSV and she expects her case to be very mild compared to what it could be had she not gotten her Synagis shots. And she honestly is quite stable!! Praise God! She is tolerating full feeds and doesn’t even have an IV at this point! She’s had some lab work done to rule out anything further, and is loving the oxygen support l, although not the nasal cannulas as much 😉 She’s not the happiest camper, but she’s a sport and God is always good!! We have been very blessed in her care for this her first MT admission.

They did try to wean her oxygen last night, and she just didn’t tolerate it. She is currently on 1/2 liter and satting in the 90s. They will wean her as she able. Oxygen support is really why we are here, so once she’s off, we can most likely go home!

Thank you all for always praying so fervently for our sweet girl and family. ❤️ It truly means so much to us. Really praying we can be home for Easter! All in God’s perfect timing, as always. Above all, we are thankful for this day that prompts us to reflect on what Christ has done for us when he died on the cross. He died for our sins, so that all who believe in Him, can have eternal life with Him in heaven. I was so blessed by the sweet lady who brought me up my breakfast from the cafeteria this morning. I thanked her for bringing my meal and wished her a good day. She replied by saying, ‘oh yes, it’s Good Friday!’ To that I responded, ‘that’s right, it’s a great day!!’ Indeed it is!! We are forgiven and free!! ❤️ Hallelujah!!