Poppy was discharged in the late afternoon yesterday. It felt so good to be able to go to our room at the Ronald McDonald House. It was obvious Poppy felt more comfortable and secure.

Yesterday before being discharged, Poppy had her echo and EKG done. The transplant team figured since she was there, they should do their check on her. The sonographer was amazing. Poppy had just finally drifted off to sleep and she was actually able to complete the echo without waking her up!! I mean, she was so conscientious and quiet, I was impressed and felt very blessed by her and the way she worked. During the echo, it seemed like she kept looking at a certain spot, and being that Poppy was soo still, part of me figured she was just being thorough and taking advantage of the stillness. And the other part of me had a feeling something was up. Needless to say, the results couldn’t come soon enough!!

Dr. Albers called today and said that the echo looked good overall, however her tricuspid valve regurgitation is now moderate. At the last echo it appeared mild, and the echo before that was mild/moderate. Deducing that possibly the echo before this wasn’t a great picture perhaps? Regardless, her TR (tricuspid valve regurgitation/leakyness) is now a solid moderate. Poppy will see Dr. Hardy next month to keep a close eye on it and be sure it does not become worse. Soo thankful this can be monitored at home, but would love your prayers that her TR would improve!!

We have been absolutely blown away, overwhelmed by the people who have made it a point to visit us and bless us with hugs and goodies and just their genuine care and concern. Hospital staff, heart moms, volunteers, and friends have just shown us such love this trip, it means more than words can describe- truly brings me to tears. Thank you all for your fervent prayers and loving support. God is soo good.

Poppy has a routine neurology follow up, complete with a EEG on Monday, as well as G-tube follow up where they will teach me how to use and care for it. We should be on our way home Tuesday morning, courtesy of Angel Flight and one of their generous pilots. Seriously overwhelmed by God’s abundant provision.





2 thoughts on “Discharged

  1. Will be praying specifically for her TR as well as overall too for ALL of you! What a blessing to have the people support you described while you are there! As I looked at the one picture of Poppy, I am struck, once again at what a beauty she is. Thank You God for Poppy and what she has taught so many of us (her parents too). Love You Dahls!

  2. Good morning beautiful baby. Keep up the good work and very soon you’ll be home with mommy and daddy and playing with your brother. Keep the Faith mommy, you are all amazing. Have a great weekend and flight home.

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