Christmas 2014

Before Christmas, the kids were fighting terrible colds, and with a whooping cough outbreak in the school where Brad works, it was a stressful time. Even though we’ve all been vaccinated, in this particular outbreak, a vaccine didn’t seem to matter. And because Poppy is on immunosuppressants, it’s always hard to say if her system mounts the appropriate response to a vaccine, since vaccines are all about building immunity. It was stressful, but we came out negative and feeling much better just before Christmas!! Praise God!!

Poppy’s really been struggling with her g-tube feeding. She had a good week of bolus feeds which are more like meals for you and I, and since she’s really had a set back. Her reflux is in full force, where even an increase of her reflux meds (Prevacid and Zantac) hasn’t touched it. She’s got a dry cough and hiccups all the time and will vomit if it’s bad enough. She’s not able to tolerate her ‘meals’ and since Thanksgiving has been on continuous feeds, which is where she is fed a little bit constantly. At night, I’m having to water down her formula in order for her to keep it down- if I don’t, she’s up coughing and heaving and vomiting the tiny amount that’s in her tummy 😞 She’s even seeming disinterested in oral feeding, as she’s not tolerating much by mouth at all 😞 We’ve talked to Dr. Hardy, general surgery (who placed the gtube), and transplant. We have referrals to GI docs in the works to try to figure out what the deal is. The Nissan procedure/fundal plication has been tossed around and is not a favored route by any team, including Brad and I. We would love specific prayer in this area of feeding. We are just weary and seemingly running out of reasons/answers. Our biggest fear is that she would avert again. Oral aversion is a crazy thing that is very real and can take a looonnnngggg time to overcome, if ever. She’s had it before, and it seemed like she had overcome it, but with the way she’s feeling, I can’t blame her for not wanting to eat much. Thankfully, because she is tolerating the continuous feeds, her weight is solid..hallelujah!! We are praying for a miracle- that she would just wake up one day and eat!! And eat safely with no concern for aspiration!! God can do anything, we’ve seen His hand at work many a time. Please join us in prayer for Poppy’s feeding.

The kids really enjoyed Christmas! It was so fun to share such a special time together and impress upon them the true meaning of Christmas. ❤️ The gift of Jesus, the forgiveness of our sins, and eternal life for those who believe. What a privilege it is to share Jesus with them. Though challenging at times, it is such an amazing gift to be a parent…thank you Lord!!!

Christmas was a special time spent together as a family. Super low key and relaxed…such a sweet blessing to be home together. The ease of seeing family and spending time is in itself a blessing so easily taken for granted. We were in Montana last year for Christmas, and again this year- 2 consecutive Christmases at home in Montana…I know it may seem like a silly thing to point out and be thankful for but when you know plenty of people who are back there, admitted over Christmas, because they are sick once again, you have to cherish these times, because it could easily be your kid next. My heart hurts for those away having to endure precious time away from family and the familiarity of the season at home, while living a constant fight for life with their sick child….I just ache for them and pray the Lord’s perfect peace and comfort to come over them.

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year!! May God’s blessings overwhelm you all year!! Thank you all for your continued prayer and concern for Poppy and our family. It’s truly an indescribable feeling.
God Bless!! ❤️
















3 thoughts on “Christmas 2014

  1. I’ve been following poppy since you started you web daughter Shanna was born with HLHS, 27 years ago now and she is still going strong..My wife and I retired 3 years ago and moved from PA. To Montana.. I read that Brad works at a school that has an outbreak of whooping cough. Would that happen to be Three Forks? If so we live in Three Forks and would love to meet your family….Monte

  2. In response to Monte and Patty Montonario’s post above mine…that is fantastic about your daughter!!! My first grand daughter was born 12 years ago with HLHS, had the three open heart surgeries, and is continuing to do well. I live in Montana, and she is in Virginia. I don’t get to see her near enough! Luckily she was born in Everett, WA and lived there until she was almost 9.

    Such wonderful news about Poppy, I have followed your web page since you started it as well. She is growing up to be a beautiful girl. Hope her feeding problems work themselves out….your family is in my prayers every night.

  3. Definitely lifting you all up and especially this feeding issue! So happy you were a blessing to be home as I too think and pray for the many families that do not have that blessing if being home and healthy families. Love you guys!

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