Poppy is 2!!!

It is beyond words amazing and overwhelming to recall 2 years ago today, when we got to meet our girl for the first time. So much anticipation and worry and hope and more prayer than I’ve ever experienced over our newest addition, born with HLHS. We dreamed of being able to celebrate birthdays and major milestones, but were cautiously optimistic to entertain those hopes and dreams for the fear of them not ever happening…

Poppy has been through a lot in her short 2 years….She is many miracles. Countless times she could have easily gone home to be with Jesus….countless times…I don’t know why she was spared and others were not…all we can do is pray for those families…pray for God’s peace to overwhelm them and carry them…and cherish…cherish this time together.. tomorrow is not guaranteed for anyone…it just isn’t. 

God has revealed Himself and continues to reveal Himself in so many ways to us through her little life…it’s humbling and life changing and hard and overwhelming and amazing…and at the same time, indescribable…Our family is still trying to find a sense of normalcy, but through the trials and joys of this life, we know it is purely by the grace of God alone, through prayer and loving support, that we are able to enjoy this time as a family. Never will we take for granted this time with both of our precious babes, as we know and mourn with so many whose sweet babes have gone on to be with Jesus. 

Today we celebrate this sweet sunshine girl who is sweet and feisty…who doesn’t like having her hair brushed, hands touched, or diaper changed..loves teasing Crosby, and playing peek a boo, loves loud music and dancing in momma’s arms..loves stimulation and loud banging noises..loves books and chewing and blowing bubbles in the bath, clapping, bouncing, swinging, and I believe her all time fave…smiling. She is truly a delight..pure joy. Thank you Jesus for this precious time. May we not take for granted what You have given us ❤️ 

3 thoughts on “Poppy is 2!!!

  1. Happy, Happy 2nd Birthday, Poppy Dahl! I feel privileged to have been allowed to follow Poppy’s progress and to have been able to offer up, to our Father, prayers for His will in your lives. I am in awe of your spiritual strength and all that you go through on a daily basis! I will continue to follow and continue to serve as one of “Poppy’s prayer warriors”. May there be many, many more birthdays for this miracle you have been blessed with!

  2. Thanks SO much for continuing to share Poppy’s journey. It is great to see her doing so well, and for you all to enjoy the “terrible twos” or is that the “terrific twos”?? I LOVE her birthday cake!!

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