Turning a Corner 

Thank you so much for your prayers!! The power of prayer is undeniable, and the love outstretched to our family is beyond humbling. God is all over this in so many ways ❤️ Divine orchestration far too complicated and overwhelming to even express. Hallelujah! 

At this point, after too many pokes to count and thoroughly exploring bacterial infection possibilities, it’s looking like Poppy is fighting a very nasty virus. There are still some labs pending that may reveal other things, but we should hear in the next day or two. We are still waiting on her biopsy results from her endoscopy/colonoscopy as well as her EBV labs. EBV (Epstein-Barr virus/mono) http://www.cdc.gov/epstein-barr/about-mono.html is something they check for regularly for transplant patients. It has the potential to cause big problems for those on immune suppression, so they keep a close eye on it. We should hopefully hear back soon! Anxiously awaiting…

Other than that, I am delighted to report that Poppy has been off of the IV antibiotic for nearly 24hrs and has had no fever!! Her severe lethargy is letting up some as well!! Thank you Lord!! She had a few good periods of playful interaction, complete with smiles and all!! Hallelujah!! Our girl is coming back!! Thank you Jesus!! 

She is still on 2L of oxygen, lots of thick goopy snot, irritable at times, and super tired, but overall, it really seems like she may be turning the corner!! Praise God! 

She will get a surveillance echo at some point to just take a peak at her heart. If she has a good night, there is small talk of leaving the CICU and moving to the recovery floor tomorrow (just don’t tell Poppy that 😉)!! The girl is a wild card!! Everyone has said these viruses can be really nasty and can take a long time to clear, so I really don’t know a ‘plan.’ We are here until we don’t need to be anymore. 

Being in the CICU brings back a lot of memories…just being the the CICU with a baby who can cry (not intubated) and well enough to be held (heart rate doesn’t sky rocket to a dangerously high rate or require extra sedation on board to even attempt holding) is a blessing and a privilege. I remember wanting so badly just to hold my baby, even just be able to hear her cry….ugh it’s such a milestone that I never even thought twice about before we had Poppy. Of course you can hold your baby right? And of course they cry!!? Actually, not always..it’s real and humbling and I pray I never take it for granted. 

I see ‘us’ all around…to be kind of on the other side of things is really mind blowing. I look around, and as much as I know how that was once us, a part of me can’t even believe that was us. How did we even do that? And all I can even grab hold of to explain is that it was God’s grace. It’s all very hard for many reasons…but looking back..being back here now in this place…seeing ‘us’ all around…God’s grace. God’s grace IS sufficient, always, if we ask for it. It truly takes my breath away..it’s been emotional for us and I think it always will be..I hope it always will be- it’s a special place with very special people where the Lord and His abundance of grace abounds.

Thank you again for all your prayers ❤️ They truly mean so much to us. To be so prayerfully encouraged through this roller coaster ride is such a tremendous blessing. God is here, in ways that I can’t even fully explain…



9 thoughts on “Turning a Corner 

  1. Christi, I’m so glad Poppy is starting to get a bit better. We were often in the CICU when Victoria was doing pretty well but just couldn’t get off the Milrinone. The TVs and beds are so much better there and I always trusted the nurses more. After the new ICU I was actually never in too much of a hurry to leave.

  2. Continuing to pray for precious little Poppy! And of course for you, Brad and Crosby. May God’s love continue to pour down on you. Love little Poppy! She is a fighter for sure!

  3. Praise God!!! I’m so thankful for his answered prayers for you all and will be praying for those who are entering what you have already gone through. God is good all the time! Love you!

  4. I just read both your posts now, so happy that Poppy is feeling and doing better. Thanks for taking the time to keep up with the face book posts when you have SO much on your mind and heart. Your family remains in my prayers.

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