Heart Day 2015

Two years ago on this very day, Poppy got her new heart!  It is absolutely beyond words overwhelming to try and explain the feelings and emotions of that day two years ago, and even now…The life giving decision that a grieving family was willing to entertain, in what I imagine, was one of the darkest days of their life, mourning the loss of their own child, and somehow willing to consider donating life to another… I just don’t have words…except to humbly accept this precious priceless gift and attempt to express my deepest, fullest gratitude to God, the donor family, all who have prayed for us, family, friends, doctors, nurses, communities…it’s overwhelming.

This month has been emotional…just recalling the past 2 years and how God has truly, fully, sufficiently provided in every way imaginable has brought me to tears often, especially this month.  Poppy’s complicated course was/is traumatic and life changing…it is heavy and a lot to even think about and recall…it is incredibly humbling and glorious. God has made Himself known to so many through her little life- it has been amazing to see His glory in the miraculous victories as well as the heart ache of the trials.  We have changed…what we value has changed..our perspective has changed….God is so good..though her road is challenging, she is a miraculous, joyous delight…and right now we have the privilege of getting to know her well…thank you Jesus!! ❤

IMG_5038017_PoppyIMG_5269IMG_5399IMG_5342IMG_5425 IMG_6150 IMG_7048 IMG_907520130603-211808.jpg



Hallelujah! ❤



3 thoughts on “Heart Day 2015

  1. Wonderful pictures! Thanks for keeping us all posted of how she and your family are doing. She is beautiful both inside and out!

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