Tonsils, Adenoids, Ear Tubes..DONE! 

Poppy went in to the OR around 7:45pm last night and was tucked in tight to her room in the PICU by 10:30pm! She was the last case yesterday, and things just ran behind, (she was supposed to start at 4:00pm) but we are beyond thankful Dr. ‘C’ and team were still willing to go for it!! Thank you for all your prayers- it was truly Spirit filled and a miracle it even happened. We both were secretly anxious about even checking into the surgery center, as the past 2 times they’ve cancelled the case because of her respiratory status, but we were praying constantly and could feel your prayers, the Holy Spirit totally took it on and that was obvious. Thank you Jesus!! So much depended on this surgery happening in this time frame…we’re blown away….

The Neurosurgeon resident tapped her cyst shunt right off the bat and was pleased with what he saw! At this point, the shunt appears to be working, as the csf (cerebral spinal fluid) he pulled out looked great and had no pressure built up behind it. He says the results are what he hoped to see, but they don’t necessarily completely mean we won’t see the cyst continue to grow in the future. It means that right now, the shunt is working adequately enough to be safe, even though the cyst appears to be growing at a very slow rate. If pressure would have been built up, and csf came gushing out, we’d likely be looking at brain surgery to replace the shunt. We can’t even express what a relief this is!! Phew!!! Thank you Lord!!! She will follow up with them again in 3 months. 

So far her recovery has been really pretty decent considering…Initially we are to expect more obstruction, as the area worked on temporarily swells as it begins to heal. That seems to be true so far, as she came out snoring much much louder than before and desatted more frequently overnight. She’s got 3.5L O2 through her nasal cannula and high flow blow by for her mouth (she’s still a mouth breather at this point, that should improve as she heals). Since she can’t have ibuprofen (because it’s processed through the kidneys which already take a big hit from her antirejection medications it’s a no-no), she is on Tylenol and morphine for now, and it seems to be working well. She’s super groggy and has been pretty much napping most of the day so far. She will stay another night in the PICU because of her desatting, and just see how she does tonight and go from there.

Thank you all again so much for praying. We can really feel it. God’s grace is incredible and such a comfort. We would love your continued prayers for a smooth and speedy recovery! 



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