An Update from Daddy




Poppy's Heart


I have been so blessed to be able to hold and spend time with my little girl.  I spent the entire morning talking a reading to my Poppy.  I am really excited to have Christi join me at the Children’s Hospital.  I’ve missed her a lot, even though were only a mile and a half away it seems like much longer.  I had the opportunity to meet with many of the doctors and nurses that are taking care of my little girl and the have explained many things to me along the way.  I would have to say that I am really very impressed with the staff up to this point.  They all take time to talk to me and answer any of my questions no matter how simple they are.  Along the way they have continued to spend a little time explaining Poppy’s particular HLHS heart condition to me.  Here is what they said to me.


I created the labeled the drawing to help explain her heart and what the doctors are concerned about.

A- This is one of the valves to Poppy’s heart.  Although it is working the doctors have noticed a slight restriction in blood flow throw this area.  this could be caused by a slight thickening of the tissue.

B- This is the  Pulmonary Valve.  This is the area that has caused the most concern for the doctors.  The area with the red circle is the valve.  In normal patients, the valve is a tricuspid valve (meaning three parts) but this valve is only bicuspid (two parts).  The concern for this is that it often times leaks.  In Poppy’s case, it only leaks a very small amount.  At this point, the doctors say that they will monitor but they are likely going to continue surgery as normal.

C- this is the Aorta.   in a normal heart, it would roughly be the same size as the pulmonary artery.  Poppy’s is much smaller much like the picture.  The doctors say that there is little to no blood flow through this vessel.  This is a concern but doctors seem confident that they can deal with it.

D- This is the left ventricle.  this is the part of Poppy’s heart that gives us her syndrome.  The left ventricle is very small.   There is a small amount of blood flow into this area of the heart.  With Poppy’s heart the blood is flowing in but the doctors are unsure exactly where the blood is leaving.  Poppy needs prayer that this doesn’t turn in to a more serious issue.  There is another ECHO scheduled tomorrow to try to figure out where every thing is and get a better picture of her heart.


Doctors and Surgeons will meet on Monday to discuss the Surgery and discuss everything and make a plan for surgery. Please pray for wisdom, and guidance as the doctors discuss our Poppy girl.


14 thoughts on “An Update from Daddy

  1. Father God, I lift Poppy up to You Lord, Father You know everything about Poppy, You created her in Your image. Lord we are seeking wisdom and knowledge for the doctors. Also strength and comfort and Your peace upon Brad and Christi. Father we praise You and give you all the glory, in Jesus name, Amen

  2. Thank you so much for the explanation. It is scary but GOD is the Creator of the body and the Creator of the minds who’ve created the technology to help Poppy. I will continue to pray for Poppy and for all of you. And I am praying for the hands and minds who will use their God-given skills to help Poppy. My love to you!

  3. You are all three on my heart! My heart hurts for you that your little has to have surgery! But we always know we have God in our lives and He will take care of us!

  4. My heart and prayers are with you three! I ask for healing…that Poppy can be corrected of her heart issues. May god guide the hands that care for little Poppy and will eventually operate on her. May god be with all three of you now and always.

  5. Thank you for the update ..Poppy has the best working for her …here, and God will be guiding their hands…from above…your faith is strong….that is all you need….Love to all of you Aunt Mel and Uncle Max…..

  6. Praying for Poppy and your entire family. Poppy is in expert hands at Children’s. Bonnie and Stan Dickhoff (Marlene Sutton is Stan’s aunt).

  7. I’m so happy to hear the delivery went well. We continue to pray in preparation for surgery. I would love to know if there is a way to send something to you at the Ronald McDonald house.

    • Hey Dr. Sam!
      It’s great hearing from you! We do have a mailing address while we’re here. It is:

      Dahl Rm:382
      Ronald McDonald House -A
      5130 40th Ave NE
      Seattle, WA 98105

      Have you had your baby girl yet? We’re both excited for you guys! -Brad and Christi

  8. Just wanted you both to know that we are praying continually for you, Poppy, and the Drs. & Nurses that are taking care of her. The very best to all of you, we trust that God will take care of Poppy and give you a future filled with love and happy times. Sincerely Betty & Harold Olson

  9. What incredible writers both you and Christi are, and the diagram was a huge help in getting a better understanding of how Poppy is doing and what the concerns are. I pray that you both find tremendous confort knowing that not only are you and Poppy in very good hands in regards to the professional staff and Doctors at Children’s, but also the amazing hands that God is holding you are in right now and always. God Bless you and as always you are all in our thoughts and prayers.

  10. I pray that the doctors would agree on treatment and that the Lord would heal poppy’s heart. That through the hands of the surgeons God may work miracles inside. Bring comfort, support and an out pouring of your love to mommy and daddy. Hold them all in the palms of you hand, Lord.

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