Angel Flight

Poppy and I arrived safely in Seattle yesterday afternoon! All thanks to the Lord’s divine orchestration! I had applied for an Angel Flight a couple weeks ago, in anticipation of making the trip alone with Poppy. Angel Flight is a non profit organization who finds pilots for people in need, on their way to medical appointments, typically. These pilots donate their time and resources to help families in need of transportation. What a tremendous blessing these pilots and this organization are!! We have had friends request and fly with Angel Flight, but this was our first time!! We are here for her g-tube surgery happening Tuesday morning. I’m not gonna lie, though I’m not usually a nervous flyer, I was anxious about flying with ALL of Poppy’s effects in a tiny little airplane, but the Lord delivered as He always does, and gave me such a sense of peace and comfort during the whole thing, it was pretty amazing. It was obvious that the pilots enjoyed volunteering and hearing about each family’s story- what an amazing experience. Thank you Jesus for your provision-it is written ALL over this trip!! That’s not to say the trip hasn’t been stressful without our boys- it has been and IS, but the Lord has this covered, and I can definitely feel His presence…AND we’re Montana girls 😉 We can do this!!

Poppy just had her check up with Opthalmology and she is stable!! Hallelujah!! The shortest eye visit ever and she rocked it!! Next she will have her pre-op appointment with anesthesia to ensure she looks good enough to go under tomorrow, and the evening will close with a blood draw. She is currently napping- which if anyone knows Poppy, she’s not a great napper, so this is a gift!! 😊

Surgery is set for tomorrow morning. We would love your continued prayers for everyone and everything involved. God has clearly orchestrated this, and I’m trying my best to intentionally rest in Him. My emotions and anxieties have been challenging lately…my heart is broken for some dear friends whose medically fragile children
have become ill…AGAIN, and when it happens, it cuts so incredibly deep, because it could have been/ could be my medically fragile child that has become ill…AGAIN. And with the complexity of this surgery, it’s been hard not to be scared. Even though the Lord has this and carries us, it doesn’t mean that life will go ‘my’ way. It doesn’t mean the things will go smoothly, it means that the Lord’s will IS always perfect and will prevail, and He may not have in mind what I have in mind to be perfect. He carries us through these scary places of uncertainty, and always makes His presence and sovereignty known in amazing unexplainable ways….but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t still hurt and isn’t still hard. I find myself in constant prayer over all of this all of the time- Lord, may your Holy Spirit work on my heart to allow you to take on all of my worries and anxieties…please!!! May all of this some how be for Your glory!! I would love your prayers for me in this way, and for Crosby and Brad as they endure this from afar.

All of this is hard…nothing about this is easy…everyone in the family is affected. My dear friends having to endure watching their children fight once again for their lives…it’s all just so heart breaking and wearing…so I ask you too come along side in prayer for my dear friends, Allistaire (cancer relapse) and Kamryn (heart issues). Please join me in prayer for these precious girls and their families. ❤️ Lord hear our prayers.

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Romans 12:12










17 thoughts on “Angel Flight

  1. Praying for all of you as you requested and more! Because God has so much more in mind for you! Praising Him for His wisdom and healing, comfort and strength. Love & Hugs….

  2. Prayers to ALL of the family! Poppy you finally have teeth and they are beautiful! You girls will rock Seattle and be back home before you know it…….

  3. God bless you all with His perfect peace and comfort. I also ask that the surgery goes well, and the surgeons hands be the hands of our Lord. Quick recovery and back home soon. Hugs to you all, praising God for His grace and mercy upon you.

  4. You are such an inspiring mama! Your faith in the Lord through all of this has strengthened my faith. Thank you for sharing your story. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. Angel Flight is amazing! I know people who have used them before and they are such a blessing! I hope all goes well, thoughts and prayers to you!

  6. Our thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of you as Poppy goes through surgery like a champ tomorrow (after all, she is a bull headed “Dahl” 🙂 ) and you can return home safe and sound with the Lord Jesus Christ guiding your Angel Flight all the way. What a wonderful, wonderful thing for pilots to volunteer for and what a blessing they are!!!! God Bless them and all of you. Please keep us posted on how Sweet Little Poppy does tomorrow.

  7. Our prays and thoughts are with you this day and everyday. I ask all my friends and family to join in this pray for my great niece as she has endured so much, as have my niece and her family. Love Aunt Debbie and Uncle JD

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