Another Close Call

Crosby came back this weekend! It feels so good to have him back and be a ‘family’ again, if that makes sense. We missed him soo much!!! Brad is taking him on for the most part, as I am currently limited with what I can lift (two weeks post c-section). We are figuring it out, and so far so good!

Poppy woke up with a collapsed lung, delaying her trial off of ECMO for today. Overall, the doctors are encouraged by the progress she seems to have made this weekend! Hallelujah! They are hoping to trial her off of ECMO tomorrow or Wednesday-pretty much waiting for her lung to come back.

Get ready, another miracle:

Today, I decided to take a break and spend some time with Brad and Crosby- absolutely beautiful day today (the sun was even shining!) so I thought I’d get out with the boys for an hour or two. I’m gone for an hour, and I get a call from Poppy’s nurse (every time we get paged, our blood pressure immediately sky rockets-is she ok?!!!??!!) She proceeds to tell me that right after I left, the ECMO specialist found a huge clot in the circuit, so she went to grab a doctor and another ECMO specialist to get a plan going to get it out. (FYI: the ECMO circuit is constantly monitored, checked, and adjusted by an ECMO specialist to try to make the circuit run as close to how the body would as possible, while also inspecting the circuit for clots, as clots can be fatal.) When she came back, the clot was gone!!!! It was in the tube leading straight into Poppy’s heart!!! Then the circuit seized up!! This is sort of a built in safety feature, because as the tubes get closer to the heart, the tubes get smaller. In this case, the clot was too big to go through. Everyone that was needed to get the clot out of the circuit was nearby and immediately on it. The clot was huge and had it passed through, it would have been over. One nurse said, ‘it would have killed her.’ After I heard this, I was literally sick to my stomach-and still am. Yet another clot caught that could have been fatal-yet another complication for our girl 😦 Just like that, we could have lost her. Uuuhhh, I could just throw up :/ Poppy is having such a tough time, but yet, God has her in His arms, and is being glorified through her struggles. We just have to trust that God knows what He’s doing, even though we don’t understand why at the time.

And yet a total MIRACLE that the nurse checked the circuit at that exact time and everyone needed to get it out was around!!!!!! Thank you JESUS!!!!! Many of the nurses commented, ‘someone’s watching over this girl for sure!’ Yes, yes He is!! Poppy has not had the easiest time this week-in fact, she’s had more complications than anticipated, but we have seen God repeatedly show us that He is here and with our girl, cradling her in His arms.

That is not to say that we don’t have moments of deep sorrow just watching our sweet innocent baby going through all of this-hooked up to soo many meds and machines, just fighting for her life. Our hearts are so heavy with hurt for our precious child 😦 While we are weary and grief ridden for the kind of start to life we dreamed for our girl, we have not lost heart or hope. We know God has a special plan for her, and that his will will be done. We know that even in our suffering, God is being glorified in all of this. Though she is not doing as well as quickly as we’d hoped, all of this is on God’s time. We are learning so much about patience and trusting God with everything. Today He reminded us that He is indeed in control, and anything is possible with Him. And all glory and honor are His-thank you Lord for saving our sweet girl again today.

8 thoughts on “Another Close Call

  1. Wow. These kids walk a fine line between life and death. Everyday is a miracle! My friend said she felt such a strong spirit when she entered the ICU. These babies are so close to God.

  2. Your story is so encouraging and personal. Thank you for allowing us to share this journey of love with you. We serve an awesome God! 🙂

  3. You are so right in all you say Christi! Said so well ….God is there and He is keeping your beautiful Poppy in his hands. You and Brad have amazing Godly attitudes. Such wonderful testimonies to the glory of God! Thank you Jesus for yet another miracle as we go into this Holy Week! Glad you got to love on Crosby out in the sunshine a little bit!

  4. This is Holy Week , The Lord is certainly present with Poppy durning her struggles. You describe it best as a roller coster, One really can not explain what it is like to go through such a heart wrenching life crisis unless they have experienced it themselves. Have faith The Lord has a plan. With continued prayers our hearts are with you and your young family.

  5. Christi, I am so amazed by your and Brad’s strength. I am a true believer in the miracles that God performs before our very eyes but the faith, patience and strength that your family put out there for all of us following Poppies life is amazing. You have touched so many hearts with your families struggles and we continue to pray for all of you. You must consider bringing Poppy to Conrad when she is well enough to be around others so that we can meet this miracle child.

  6. Christie and Brad, we are all praying for Poppy.

    I want to thank you, again for your kind words regarding my own daughter the other night.

  7. Your familiy’s faith is truly amazing!!! Bless you all as we come to Easter—you have so much support—keep sending your thoughts, lifting your burdens—we are all praying—God will see you through! Hugs, thoughts, and constant prayers!
    Cheryl and Jim Judisch and families!

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