It feels like a lot has happened since I last posted.  Still no Poppy, although I do feel like she won’t wait much longer.  Last week, we got to go on a tour of Seattle Children’s. We got to see what Poppy will be transported in from UW to Children’s, a NICU room, where she will temporarily reside until her surgery, a CICU room (cardiac ICU) room, where she will mostly reside, and a regular room, where she will be once she is off of certain medications, but most importantly, the room she will be in before she gets discharged.  It was so nice to get a visual of what to expect that way.  It’s obviously a whole other thing to imagine yourself there, but overall it helps.  We also got to see what kind of services the hospital offers to siblings!  There is a pool where Crosby can swim during the one hour open swim, and also a playroom/activity area where he can go and do some fun activities with us or the grandparents. They have literally thought of everything! Parents can utilize a resource center if they want to research anything on their child’s illness.  Parents can also access free massage, a bed to sleep in, and a laundry room (detergent provided)!  And, much to Brad’s relief, 2 Starbucks right in the hospital! It seems like they’ve really made it their goal to accommodate the family-so cool.

On Saturday, Brad’s mom flew out to help us with Crosby during our appointments and just in case Poppy should come before her scheduled date.  It has been so nice to have the extra help with him!  I think they are both enjoying themselves as well! 😉

On Monday, I had another OB appointment.  Poppy did great at her stress test! We were so relieved.  I was nervous how it would go this week, since last week she was a little slow to perform.  Dr. Cheng was happy with everything!  We got to meet with the anesthesiologist as well.  It seems all of my pre-op paperwork and consultations are out of the way.  That in itself is a relief!

Yesterday, Dr. Vernon took another look at Poppy’s heart.  She said it’s getting harder to get a great picture, due to the fact that Poppy’s getting so big, but she said she looked great.  No new surprises, other than she was able to see a small leak in her pulmonary valve again 😦 She’s not overly concerned about it at this point, as it had been seen before during previous echos.  They will be able to see her heart best once she is born, so we are still praying it clears up!

I just want to say that we have been so impressed by all of the doctors we have met with and will be working with.  All have been so compassionate and kind to us as a family, which really means a lot to us.  We are so blessed to have been cared for so well through all of this so far.  There is truly no doubt of God’s orchestration in this whole situation.  His provision, comfort and peace that He has provided for our family through your prayers, and the people He has surrounded us with is what keeps us going.  It’s awesome.  It’s truly as good as it could be, given the scenario- thank you Jesus.

And now it’s the waiting and anticipation for our Poppy Florence.  The reality that we will be a 2-kid family is really hitting.  What a tremendous blessing!  Crosby gets to be an older brother!  The kid was born to be an older brother, no doubt-we are so excited to see how he does it.  I am so excited to meet Poppy!  So excited..and so scared at the same time.  Excited to meet my sweet baby girl, and hold her in my arms.  Scared, because once she is born..then it begins.  She is safe in my womb, but once she is born, everything changes and becomes complicated.  Our lives change forever…for the better but with overwhelming uncertainty.  Everything will be touch and go, the possibility of a heart transplant at some point in her life is always a realistic expectation, she will fight for every single day of her life.  But if there’s anything Brad and I have already learned, is that really, everything in life is uncertain, no guarantees.  The only time we really know we have is the present.  Every second we have with our kids, family, and friends should be cherished, because life is short and so uncertain.  Gaining that perspective alone has been such a blessing to us.  We thought we cherished our time with Crosby, each other, family, and friends before, but now time together is special on a whole new level- it brings me to tears just thinking about it.  Every day together is indeed a celebration.  Poppy has already touched so many lives, not to mention the impact she has already had on ours.  Thank you, Lord for blessing us with Poppy, and a new perspective of the things that matter most.  We are not the same people we were before Dec. 17, 2012.  We can’t wait to meet her 🙂 She’s a special little lady, that’s for sure!

13 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. AMEN SISTER!! So well said. It is truly amazing how God can make everything more beautiful and more joyful, through pain and even uncertainty. I never would have imagined that those seemingly incongruent things could fit together. Love you guys, and we pray for you moment by moment, and are with you- even from a different time zone!

  2. Thank you for the update. After talking with brad on Friday, I have updated a couple of other fellow teachers at school. I look forward to meeting up with you both and to meet Poppy when we come there for our appointment on March 12th. God bless.

    • Hi Travis,
      We are so glad to hear you will be out here for your baby’s care. I’m looking forward to meeting you both! Let your wife know that if she’s ever wanting to chat I would love to anytime. Take care and God bless! See you in March!

  3. Was so great to see you guys yesterday and to meet Shelley! God Bless and I will make sure to stop and see you again next time I’m in Seattle! Crosby is the cutest little man…what a dolly! 🙂

  4. You guys are doing great, Christi. I’m thinking of you and sending all the good love and energy I have. I can’t wait to meet your darling addition to your family. You have a beautiful family… thinking of you 🙂 and I miss you too…

  5. It was such a blessing to meet Crosby last week at Mars Hill–I just wanted to let you and Brad know that our entire Children’s Ministry Team is praying for you guys! Thanks for posting this, it is so encouraging to see God moving in your lives 🙂

  6. Christi & Brad,
    You are in excellent hands….God’s hands first, the medical team’s, and your family’s & friends’ who are keeping you uplifted in prayer. Love You All.

  7. It was lovely to hear an update, and to know what incredible professional people you are surrounded with. You are all always in our thoughts and prayers. Was in the salon last week and missed you! All our love Heidi and Craig

  8. What a joy to see another Montana 6 plate today! Something about seeing someone from home, in this strange place, in this strange reality, it is a comfort. Also an amazing joy to know with one word, Christian, that we hold the same hope for our little girls and for how God will hold us up in these days – these days we cherish. I look forward to seeing what the Lord is weaving into your lives and into His story through this journey He has you on! I will be praying – asking that God would hold your little love Poppy as she enters this world and praying that He would meet you over and over and continue to give you that peace that is absurd and surpasses logic – Blessings on you four!
    My blog is if you want to check out my little love, Allistaire. 🙂

    • Jai,
      What a comfort it was to meet you today. I’m so glad you made a point to follow the ‘6’ plate and introduce yourself to my in-laws! I am so sorry you and your sweet girl are back here for another fight, and that your family is not able to be together this time 😦 I cannot even imagine what it’s like. But reading through your blog, I know your faith is what holds you and thank Jesus for that! What a blessing to have met you and be able to pray for each other and live through these scary journeys both of our families are on right now. We will be praying for your darling Allistaire- praying for her healing, as well as comfort and peace for your family-the divine kind only God can deliver- the kind that doesn’t make sense,it just is.

  9. love to hear your updates…and it is so true- God is good to give us what we have and we are not owed anything- but he blesses all the same. You are in our prayers! Danita

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