April 2

It’s been a few days since our last update because things have been pretty stable for our girl! 🙂 The medication she is on for her seizures (phenobarbital) is at a level that controls her seizures and was delivered slowly so her heart seems to be doing just fine with it!! Praise The Lord! She will have another EEG tomorrow to ensure it remains at a level that maintains control of her seizures. She will have an MRI when she’s stable enough (probably after her chest is closed and she’s extubated) to get a better look at her brain.

Overall, the doctors seem fairly happy with her! They keep saying her progress is much slower than they’d like but she’s progressing, so that’s something! We’ll take it! Praise Jesus! She is still super puffy from surgery, so her goal right now is to pee A LOT so she can get her chest closed! It’s been open since March 18!! As soon as she can release enough fluid, she’ll be ready to get it closed! Our prayer is that she pees A LOT and SOON!! 😉

There is still some hint of transplant from the surgeons, but for now Poppy is holding her own so they are going with it! Only time will tell.

We feel so blessed to be in such a great place with such caring and dedicated staff. Everyone has been absolutely amazing. God continues to reveal Himself in crazy ways. Many nurses agree that Poppy is already a miracle baby 🙂 Dr. Hardy has been in such great contact through this whole thing- even calling our cell phones just to check in! And Dr. Vernon has even gone out of her way to stop in and check on us as well! We are blown away every day by someone’s thoughtful generosity and encouraging words-lately by so many we don’t even know. God is so good. Thank you all for your dedication to our sweet baby girl. Words cannot express how much it means to us to be so prayerfully supported.



13 thoughts on “April 2

  1. Like this? I LOVE IT! Praising Jesus this moment! Wow is she so beautiful! Christi – I don’t have your number – mine is 206-930-8970 and if you want, I would just love to pray with you, maybe tomorrow during Allistaire’s nap if you wanted – probably after 3pm. I just would love to pray on your behalf and praise our Father who patiently hears all our fears and scoops them up and holds them as He holds us. It is such an absolute battle, like none I have ever known – to submit to His goodness and trust – to have eyes fixed on Him! Much love to you four!

  2. We go to E Free and I just wanted to tell you that you are in really good hands. Dr. Hardy is our 8 year old son’s cardiologist and we absolutely love him. We just saw him in Bozeman a couple of weeks ago. We too went to Seattle Children’s when Carson was born. He has a moderate tricusbid valve anomaly called Ebstein’s Anomaly of the Tricusbid Valve. It will eventually need to be repaired. The people at Seattle Children’s are so amazing. God has you all right in the palm of his hand. When we went to the chapel there they played the song “He Knows My Name”. It was such a blessing to remember that before time began Carson’s life was in God’s hands. Poppy is in God’s hands too.

  3. Love to read this wonderful news of Poppy. I continue to pray for success and now let’s hope those kidney’s start working harder and move more fluid. But can’t complain with what we have with Poppy she has come along way. God please continue to heal Poppy.

  4. I am very happy to hear Poppy is doing well. Praise The Lord for his goodness and mercy and love and kindness! You all have been in my prayers.

  5. Boy, it’s tough to see your beautiful daughter (with a beautiful name! Iceland poppies are great!) with all that plumbing. I pray she isn’t in pain. She looks peaceful in her pictures, but it’s hard to imagine it isn’t painful to have her chest open.

    You’re amazingly positive. What a great testimony!

  6. So happy God has answered our prayers to this degree. Glad things are going a bit better, and we will continue to pray for all of you.

  7. We continue to pray for you all and are praising God with you in the good news of recovery coming even if slow! God has brought her thus far and continues to sustain her. Our prayer is that Poppy would be ever aware of Jesus holding her in his arms.

  8. Continue to pray for you and your little daughter. May the peace of Christ surround you and keep you. Keep strong and keep the Faith. Happy Easter.

  9. Dr. Hardy is a wonderful man. I am so thankful you all are experiencing the hand of God in so many details. He hears our cries and knows our pain. We continue to pray for your beautiful little Poppy. Thank you for the updates.

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