2-Kid Family

Delivery was great! Poppy came out squealing!! She literally squealed while her head was still inside me!! Dr. Cheng and the rest of the team totally got a kick out of it! Once she was all wrapped up, she got to hang out by my head for a few seconds with Brad, which was so special. Such an amazing feeling to finally have her here. She and Brad were off, and I got closed up. The team stopped by my recovery room before loading her up in the ambulance, which was so nice. 🙂 She and Brad were off to Children’s and I stayed at UW. I am so thankful that my parents and my older sister, Joni were able to keep me company while I recovered. Definitely, if I would have been left alone, I probably wouldn’t have gotten discharged as quickly as I did. Their presence was a huge blessing- really kept me from completely losing it. They were a great support for me. Also, Brad was really good about FaceTiming me and keeping me updated- he’s such a great guy 🙂 I honestly can’t imagine going through this with anyone but him. No doubt God made him just for me. I was discharged Sunday morning and headed over to Children’s to hold our sweet baby.

What a crazy feeling to be a momma to 2 babies. Overwhelming. What beautiful blessings we have been given- wow. She’s so dainty and precious. Such a sweet beautiful baby girl 🙂 It’s so hard to believe she’s ours and she’s here. Thank you Lord for the tremendous honor and responsibility of raising 2 kids. And thank you for blessing me with such a wonderful loving husband to help 😉

She looks soo good! One of the cardiologists said, had this not been caught in utero, she would have been sent home just like any normal baby and then life-flighted a week later. For a normal baby, she looks awesome for now. For a baby with her heart, her oxygen saturation is actually high. Previously, I had thought high oxygen stats were good, but since have learned that Poppy’a actually need to be 70-85 instead of in he high 90’s like hers have been. The reason being, with oxygen stats that high, her lungs are getting most of the blood flow, meaning her lungs are working really hard and when lungs work too hard, fluid can build up. They don’t want fluid built up on the lungs before surgery especially. They are watching what the blood flow is like to the rest of her body, since most of it right now appears to be at her lungs. There is a chance she may need to be put into a subambient hood ( like a tent that has less oxygen saturation than room air) in order to keep fluid off of her lungs. No hood yet, so we have been getting to hold her A LOT! 😀 Soo glad!! That could change at any time, so we are taking advantage of it now!

Poppy’s case was presented to the board on Monday morning. In the last update, Brad put out a detailed explanation of what the doctors have explained to us. This board that meets is like a conference of doctors (including Dr. Hardy) that get together to discuss the best game plan for each patient needing surgery. Before this meeting, there was a small question as to whether Poppy would be getting the Norwood (the first surgery in the series of 3 surgeries typically used to treat HLHS) or a hybrid surgery (which basically prepares the heart for a transplant). We found out later on Monday that the general consensus was that Poppy gets the Norwood!! Hallelujah!! This is good news!! Thank you Jesus!! We have heard that her surgery will be next Monday or Tuesday morning- we have heard both days from a few different doctors, so we will update when we have a definite day. We are honestly surprised they are waiting until then to do her surgery, but it sounds like the reasoning is that they want to gather more information, and she’s doing well right now, so they feel comfortable with waiting until early next week. We are counting it as God giving us more special bonding time with Poppy, because after surgery, she will be unholdable for quite a while. So we are up holding her at every chance right now. 😉

In addition to all of this excitement, we have been so torn up about what is best for Crosby right now. Brad’s mom has been helping us out with him and have they been doing really well together. And up until Friday, Brad and I have both been there with him for the most part, as well. However, since Friday, we are already realizing what a heartbreak it is to not be able to be in two places it once 😦 Because of my c-section, I am not able to lift Crosby for 8 weeks. I hadn’t been lifting him for the past 2 weeks of my pregnancy either, in hopes of helping Poppy to have more grow time, and that’s why Brad’s mom has been helping us out the last couple weeks. Anyone who knows Crosby knows that he is full of curiosity and adventure-always looking for the next physical challenge 😉 It’s just not sustainable to think of one person being able to take him on alone, day in and day out. Right now, until after Poppy’s surgery at least, we are probably going to send Crosby on ‘vacation’ back to MT to stay with Grandma and Grandpa, visit family, and his nursery buddies for a week or two-until I have a chance to heal up a little better. I can’t even think about it and look at him at the same time without totally losing it. The thought of him not being around totally breaks my heart 😦 Right now, we really don’t see any way around it. There is no way to tag team him with me not being able to lift him and be with Poppy whenever she may need us. He is getting so bored and we are not able to be with him like he’s used to. Poppy needs her momma and daddy right now. Crosby will have fun, no doubt. And we can FaceTime or Skype every night. It’ll be Brad and I who have the toughest time. Just for a week or two is all…kids stay with their grandparents all the time, right? Praying so hard we are making the right decision. If only we could be in two places at once….

Thanks for all your fervent prayer and thoughtful and encouraging words- they mean so much to us, and yes, we can totally feel them 😉 Please continue to pray for all that’s ahead- it’s only just begun. It’s proving to be the most challenging part of out lives. Pray that we remember to let God take it on for us. 20130313-011704.jpg20130313-011943.jpg20130313-011916.jpg20130313-012133.jpg20130313-012145.jpg


7 thoughts on “2-Kid Family

  1. Thank you so much for the update! She’s so beautiful!!! So glad that God has given you guys extra time to hold her before surgery. Can’t wait to see the Cros man at Nursery!!! Will be praying for the 2 of you as you let him go… love you guys. 🙂

  2. This is wonderful news. So glad that everything is going so great! Crosby is going to have so much fun with grandpa and gramma. If they are in Conrad he can certainly come and play with the kids at my house anytime! You should feel guilty sending him with grandparents, he lives vacation just as much as the next person! You need to have time to heal and rest and also be there for poppy! All good moms know when it’s time for a break. Hope you’re healing we’ll and that you are taking lots of pictures! Take care!

  3. Thank you for the update, I’ve been praying and wondering how things are going! We will be there delivering our baby girl, Grace Haven, in June and she too will have the first of the surgeries, the Norwood. We’re from Missoula and Dr. Hardy is our amazing doctor too!
    Hoping one day we can meet! http://www.saramcnutt.blogspot.com. 🙂

  4. yayyyyyyyy Poppy!! We have been praying for you here in MN and have been anxiously awaiting these adorable pictures. We’ll continue to pray! Love, Craig, Molly and Poppy Sanborn 🙂 P.S. We loved the Poppy thank you card!

  5. We’ll be praying for you here in Ennis MT. You don’t know us but we are the Armstrong family. Our son was born the same day a year prior to Poppy and was born with Progressive Pulmonary Hyper Tension of a Newborn, we almost lost him within the first 48hrs. The Lord kept us from going home only hours before they realized he was suffocating. I totally understand your anxiety and the longing to hold your baby. I am sure you have heard this verse, but it kept me going when I was waiting for Jason to heal; Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.Remembering this has gotten me through a lot. I am so glad to hear that you are leaning on Him during this time cause I know our strength is far from enough.

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