‘Better than average!’

And I quote Dr. Law, a genius cautious and reserved heart failure doctor, who is not known around these parts to hand out false hope….said while smiling, ‘she’s doing better than average….her echo looks amazing!’ Wow…I don’t even have the words to fully express what that means to me..to us…to our family. This whole miraculous wonder is absolutely overwhelming to fully soak in. I watch Poppy…I stare at her pink lips, she rests so peacefully-her perfect numbers are a new baseline for her. When she wakes, she is a different baby, so full of excitement and life…I don’t think we are even capable of comprehending what all this glorious gift truly means. Poppy gets a chance of life outside of the hospital because of a dear family blessing her with the most precious gift of life. Thank you Jesus for your perfect timing and gracious provision. Miracles abound. Our God is good and faithful always-we are beyond words elated that God’s will brought Poppy a new heart. We just beam, shed tears of absolute joy and wonder, and attempt to soak in what each new day brings for our precious girl and our family. Thank you all for you prayerful support and generous provision. We feel it literally every day.

The next thing for our girl will be to take the breathing tube out. She has been doing fabulously on her ERTs (extubation readiness tests). Technically she could be extubated, but they are cautious because of her being intubated for so long. Her lungs are getting practice and building strength during these ERTs so that someday soon she can be extubated!!! We are soo excited!! 🙂

She also seems to be tolerating her feeds better, so they are slowly increasing her volumes and switching some of her iv meds over to po meds which go down her nd tube. Exciting progress for our sweet girlie!! Thank you Jesus! Thank you to the amazing doctors and nurses who take such good care of our sweet one. And thank you all for your fervent prayers…it means so much.


19 thoughts on “‘Better than average!’

  1. What amazing news! Everyday you are in our thoughts and prayers, and may peace be with the wonderful donor family. Poppy is truly a fighter with incredible guardian angels. She looks fantastic!!! God continue to bless you during her recovery and beyond!

  2. What a sweetie she is! Dr. Law is my favorite doctor. He’s so thorough and careful. He always comes in and talks to me personally and ask tons of questions to get a full picture. He’s so direct which is refreshing.

  3. I have been so thrilled that Poppy is “blooming” this spring as I watch my poppy buds swell and swell until finally they burst into all of their orange delicate glory! God bless you all on your continuing journey into hope and health for Poppy! I will never see an oriental poppy without praying to God and offering praise to Him for holding Poppy in the Palm of His Hand! Blessings from a Montana grandma!

  4. Poppy your story continues to renew my faith in Jesus and the power of prayer!!! You have been directly in his hands and he has known what is best for you!!! I know that you are going to rock this world with so much more in the days, months, and years ahead of you!!! Look out world Poppy is in it and will be for a long time to come thanks to all the prayers!!!! You look so much better in your latest pictures. Your eyes are so very bright with wonder. I bet your mom, dad, Aunties and Uncles, Grandparents and cousins, friends and more who don’t even really know you can’t wait to hold you tight and feel your warmth within. Prayers always sweet girl and her family!!!! Denese Moritz Calahan

  5. Sweet sweet baby girl Poppy. We see such a change in her already! The hand of god is SO powerful indeed. Amazing isn’t it!!….

  6. God is so good and faithful to His word. We are so blessed to be a part of this journey with all of you. Praying for a quick recovery and to be able to take Poppy home. Thank you Lord for all You have done, Sending lots of hugs and love your way.

  7. Hi, you do not know me, but I just wanted to tell you that I think you and your family are amazing. Your little Poppy is pure perfection. The loving way you share her story brings tears to my eyes every time I read your updates. God is good. So so good. I hope I get to meet Poppy someday! I have three little girls and I cannot imagine what you all have been through. You are so beautiful. Xo

  8. So wonderful! Poppy is like one of the family to all of us. I look forward to your posts each day! The prayers will not stop!!!! God Bless your precious Poppy and all your family.

  9. Your words and transparency through this process have been such a blessing to us. We rejoice with you in such incredible times! I am blessed by your faith and trust in the Lord’s sovereign provision. We are praying for you!

  10. So thrilled. I read your blog every day. We have been praying for Poppy with our kids, and John has been asking about her. I am so proud of you as a mom, so humbled to see your enduring faith, so inspired by how you are pulling through this at such a still-tender age. Your extended family is thinking of you.

  11. Such great news! Praise the Lord. Thanks for sharing. Pondera Valley is hosting a fundraiser brunch this Sunday – the only one open between Mother’s Day and Fathers Day. Send lots of photos home with your mom & dad. Hoping to share with your home church family, so we can all see her progress!

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