We arrived at Dr. Hardy’s office Wednesday morning with much nervous anticipation.  Was our sweet feisty girl still throwing out her new Right Bundle Branch Block rhythm…..? And if she was, would we be heading right out to Seattle? We had packed just in case….work smarter, not harder, right? 😉 We would have 3 hours of the trip down, just from already being in Missoula! It just made sense…

The EKG strip showed that yes, indeed she was still in the RBBB. We asked Dr. Hardy what all that meant. He explained that it basically means that the right ventricle is pumping a little slower than normal. The concern wasn’t with the RBBB rhythm itself, because it’s basically a degree of heart block, which many people live with and most end up with pacemakers at some point. He said that it’s something you monitor closely and is actually very manageable. The concern is that it’s a change, and a change like this in a transplanted heart could indicate rejection.

Poppy’s old heart had many arrhythmia issues, even periods of heart block, where her heart rate would be a little higher at 160bpm and then all of a sudden drop to 80bpm for a half hour or so…never fun to watch…and her chest was still open at the time, so you could actually see her heart beat…it was crazy and alarming. She would do this and a variety of other crazy rhythms with her old heart-her failing heart. Arrhythmias just remind me of an uncertain time…that part of all of this is hard…

While we were there, Dr. Hardy also got a really good look at her heart and heart function through an echocardiogram.  He found her heart to be as beautiful as ever! Praise the Lord!!! Her labs continue to look perfect as well!! Dr. Hardy sent over the EKG image and visited with the Transplant Team. He said they would discuss Poppy at their meeting that night, and call us the following morning with a plan. So we came on home to wait for the plan.

Well, as you could probably have guessed, they do want to biopsy her to rule out rejection. We weren’t really surprised by this…

The days to follow were filled with phone calls back and forth to Seattle as they added her on to a busy cath lab schedule, and we anxiously awaited the itinerary for the week ahead.

We got the final plan yesterday. She will have her catheterization with biopsy on Tuesday morning. They are really trying to do her eye muscle surgery as well, but the logistics of that are still up in the air. Praying it works out- it seems like a tall order on such short notice, but they are really trying. Truly blessed by this amazing hospital and providers who give their all for each and every patient ❤️ Pretty amazing….thank you Jesus.

After the cath, they will keep her for a few hours to watch and be sure she has recovered well. Then, most likely, we will go back to the hotel and wait for the biopsy results. Jen, the transplant nurse said that typically pathology has results back by the next day. The results will determine what follows.

We were planning to leave for Seattle on Sunday morning, however the winter weather is looking like it could present problems, so we opted to leave today just to be on the safe side. One pass down, (Roger’s-usually by far the worst and it was actually plowed today!!) now just three more passes to go! We would greatly appreciate prayers for safe travels! With that, we would also ask for prayers of safety and protection over Poppy as she is thoroughly checked for rejection. She currently has a bad cold and should really be more healthy to ensure a safe procedure, but at the same time, there is a sense of urgency to go ahead with it, as long as she doesn’t have a fever,so we ask for prayers of health for Poppy, so she can go in to her procedure at her best.

We also ask for prayers of peace and comfort for Brad and I. We are heavy hearted to say the least…we just keep trying to give it to The Lord…not gonna lie-it’s been challenging not to be anxious and worried…it’s been hard to give it over to Him. However we must- He’s the only One who can hold it all safely and bring the peace which surpasses all understanding…Constant prayer….constant prayer….We know He has all of this in His loving arms. He always provides exactly what we need- He has shown us the God of love and peace that He is and has carried us through the hardest times, as well as the most joyous of times. Surely He is with us now and always and we’re clinging to that!!! 😊



15 thoughts on “Biopsy

  1. Praying for safety for traveling, but also for peace for you as you move into the procedure! Your faith is amazing !! Thanks for blessing me with your posts. A MCS family.

  2. Prayers as you travel over hill and dale again! God’s blessings to you and with Poppy’s health providers – may everything turn out well! ~ a Montana grandma

  3. Your strength and trust continue to amaze me. Praying for safe travels, good results with the biopsy, scheduling for the eye surgery, and some happy memories and laughs along the way!

  4. My family has been praying for Baby Poppy for almost a year now. My daughter, Morgan, is “jumping for hearts” for the American Heart Association through her school in honor of Baby Poppy. We continue to pray for her and may God bless your beautiful family!!!

  5. Definite prayers for your family’s safe travels, good results for Poppy’s biopsy, and hopefully getting her eye surgery done at the same time. LOVE the pix of brother and sister together! She’s getting so big!

  6. Praying for your sweet girl…(she’s so darling & looks sooo good!)… for a positive outcome in every regard… as well as for you, Brad, Crosby & the doctors. Peace & blessings for safe travels!

  7. Keep clinging & keep praying, He surely hears you. Take comfort in knowing that He loves your baby girl even more than you do. I’m praying for you all. **hugs**

  8. Like so many have said your strength amazes me! I know it is hard to turn things over to God and I am not sure how you arent continually on your knees from all the stress! I continue to pray for each of you and wish I could do more!! Safe travels!! No matter what is next I know you will all get through it!!! Denese Calahan

  9. God bless your trip, safe travels & kiss those little ones to pieces. We all are praying for a miracle – for your little miracle!

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