The past few months have been busy…busy with the usual… typical school year starting rush…The weeks are flying by and the weekends seem to slip by even faster. I’ve sat down to write an update numerous times, and find myself getting pulled away or distracted, but really, no news is good news! She’s back to having a constant cold, but other than that…

In short…Poppy is blossoming!!!! Literally, in the past few months, we have seen more from Poppy than in the last…dare I say…year? It is such a joy to experience her growth and development ❤ Thank you Lord!

She is still eating about the same as she was coming out of the intensive feeding program we did this summer. So, she’s still eating 4 meals a day by mouth, 1 meal a day, fluids, and meds by tube…gaining weight!!! And just recently, she is drinking a little bit!! Hallelujah!!!  I cannot even communicate the relief and joy it is to be on the other side of the feeding battle…thank you thank you Jesus…it’s simply miraculous.

She is in physical therapy 3x/week, speech therapy 2x/week, and occupational therapy 1x/week (that will switch to 2x/week after Christmas). She is working so hard…we are so so incredibly proud of her and how far she’s come. She is working on getting stronger through her trunk and arms to one day, be able to crawl! She is also really enjoying being in supported standing and is taking steps with assistance!! She is now using signs for: eat, play, and more, as well as shaking her head ‘yes’, and ‘no!’ She knows she is ‘so big!’  She’ll even respond to a command by saying ‘k!’  She is starting to use pictures to communicate her wants (food, toys…) She loves to interact with other kids, so when the environment seems ‘healthy,’ she loves to play in the nursery!!

It has been so fun to watch her just blossom into a little girl ❤ She’s even starting to give me a hard time!! She’s totally throwing fits for getting dressed, wiping nose and changing diapers..she’ll swat at Crosby if he’s in her space..all of that two year old stuff 😉 she’s flirty, feisty, stubborn, happy, and a ham and..she chuckles…;) she is so so delightful.

Crosby is in his second year of preschool and is doing great! He gets to go while Poppy is in her therapies. He is such an amazing helper..I really don’t know how I would get through my day without his gracious help. ❤ He is such a tender hearted, sweet boy…he is such a caregiver by nature..oh I love him ❤ He is talking so well..he is such a blast to visit with..and the stuff he remembers?!?!?! We are constantly humbled and amazed…

oh our darling babes…<3 the Lord has blessed us far beyond words can express…

Life right now is really more liberating than it ever has been…it’s so humbling…

I think back to the days of constant vomiting and blowouts..and how they literally ran our life…and think, wow…how did I/we even do that?! I mean, we’re talking…blowing through at least 3 outfits and a set or 2 of sheets every day, jumping up at a moments notice to run her to the nearest sink because she did the ‘I’m about to vomit all over’ cough and maybe/maybe not make it to the sink in time….or having this all happen while driving and not having the time or safe place to pull over in time to help and having her vomit all over herself and the car 😦 ….we are talking seriously challenging times…for everyone…daily…and lived to tell about it?! I can hardly wrap my head around it….God’s grace….how did we do it without being in tears the whole time??!! God’s grace… and it’s only been a few months since her tummy issues have really resolved, but it feels like so long ago!! Hallelujah!! God’s grace…I know how we did it…purely by the grace of God and by the many people He has placed in our lives who lovingly extend grace to us constantly…prayer warrior prayers…love..kindness……genuine compassion..caring…from people we know and people we don’t know…that’s how.  Thank you Jesus for your unending grace and hand over all!!









Superheroes2015-Dunkel-048 Superheroes2015-Dunkel-055 Superheroes2015-Dunkel-049 Superheroes2015-Dunkel-059

Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of Creation
O my soul, praise Him, for He is thy health and salvation
All ye who hear, now to His temple draw near
Join me in glad adoration
Praise to the Lord,
who o’er all things so wondrously reigneth,
Praise to the Lord,
Who oʼer all things so wondrously reigneth
Sheilded thee under his wings, Yea so gently sustaineth
Hast thou not seen, How thy desires have been
Granted in what he ordaineth
Praise to the Lord,
O let all that is in me adore him
All that hath life and breath,
come now with praises before him
Let the amen, sound from his people again
Let the amen, sound from his people again
Gladly forever adore him