Day 3 after surgery


Poppy is noticeably less puffy today… This is really good, but she still has a ways to go. We are still waiting on the results of the ultrasound of the brain, but we should know shortly. We’ll update everyone as soon as we know. She seemed to have a good night. She was stable and this morning she opened her eyes again and wiggled her fingers. Her left leg needs a little bit of extra healing. It’s not getting as much blood flow as the other leg due to the fact that it has had several lines run through it for surgery. Overall we are hopeful and excited to see our little girl’s stats are moving in the right direction. The picture above shows Poppy with the ECMO machine to the right of her bed. Thank you for your prayers! -Brad

12 thoughts on “Day 3 after surgery

  1. Sweet, sweet, girl- what a fighter! And she has God and the angels of Heaven covering her. Take care of the two of you as well! Are you guys getting anytime to rest and hopefully sleep? Do you need anything?

    • Thank you Sarah! We’re just hanging out by her side today. We got a little sleep last night but the coffee out here is defiantly giving us a little boost:-) Thank you for checking up on us! -Brad

  2. in my time in the Word today, im reading through Genesis and got to chapter 18 verse 14 and God says, “is anything too difficult for the Lord?” and i immediatley thought of you guys and sweet Poppy. humbly continuing to intercede on your behalf with exceeding joy!

  3. Prayers for Poppy is spreading throughtout Billings. We lift her up in Jesus’ name. We are praying for you both & precious little Crosby too!

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