After 13 hours in the OR yesterday, Poppy is ready for more help than originally anticipated. Her heart is working too hard and she is not shedding fluids as they’d like. They are putting her on ECMO as I type this. ECMO is a heart and lung machine (life support). The idea is that this machine will allow her heart a chance to rest from her long day yesterday. We are hoping she will only be on it for a few days. Please pray that it does just that and that she is able to come off ASAP. This is so scary…many risks are involved, but as is, not taking the risks are really not an option. Doctors really try to avoid this type of therapy, but they believe this is best for now. Here is more explanation of what this is:

My heart is breaking for my darling baby girl 😦 It’s so hard to see her going through all of this 😦 Praying she will get the rest she needs and get off the machine soon!! Thank you all for your prayers and support- it’s such a comfort to know we’re not alone. God has this.

17 thoughts on “ECMO

  1. AMEN! GOD HAS THIS! I continue to pray for Poppy and her medical team. “O my people, trust in Him at all times, pour our your heart to Him, for God is our refuge.” Psalm 62:8

  2. Brad and Christi, God does have this! I will pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to place His healing hand on Poppy. Sending you both much love, hugs, peace and prayers.

  3. We sure have been praying for you guys and Poppy. God definetely has it all under control and His love is amazing! Continued prayers for a good recovery for Poppy. She is just so precious. Love you guys!

  4. Cristi and Brad,
    I know we haven’t met… mom is Kate Maierle. She told me about your baby girl awhile ago. I just wanted to let you both know that I have been praying for you all. Little Poppy is so beautiful. It is so hard to put your most precious gift in the hands of others and just trust. God is the ultimate healer. I can attest to that personally in my life. Stay strong. May Poppy be healed swiftly. Lord give the medical team the knowledge and wisdom they need to take care of Poppy. God Bless.

    Tina Hoff

  5. God is in control, He is our healer and we are praying for that and also a prayer of comfort for Poppy’s family! God Bless

  6. Terry and Carolyn Campbell are praying as well as the rest of my family. God will work out the details, He is in control.

  7. Prayers for you, your family and Poppy! Matt Hammitt is the lead singer for Sanctus Real(Christian Rock group). Their baby boy Bowen was born with HLHS 2 years ago. Their inspiring story can be found here God bless and speed your journey!

  8. Some friends of mine just went through a similar situation there at Children’s last year, we’ve all been following your blog and praying with you for your little girl. Will continue to pray here in Havre, MT. God Bless!

  9. You dears are constantly in my thoughts. Your baby girl is strong, just like her mommy and daddy. Deep breaths, darling.

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