God is Here

Poppy seems to be holding pretty steady since her wound vac dressing change on Tuesday. She has had somewhat of an inflamatory response, so they are watching for infection and so far nothing as come back positive. An absolute miracle that she’s been in the hospital for 6 weeks and has only had a UTI. Thank you Jesus! We are so thankful for her fairly uneventful past few days!! And she is totally sleeping the day away today! We love boring steady restful days for our girl. 😉

The plan is to change out the wound vac dressing again on Saturday and possibly consider chest closure next week. Praying she is ready and that she recovers well. And I’m secretly, (although not so secret now) praying that my Mother’s Day present would be that I’d get to hold her and have my boys around me-it would be so special. Maybe? I can only hope and pray 😉

On another note, God has perfectly orchestrated our being here. He is in this place- we see Him at work in so many ways. We have gotten to know quite a few families going through similar situations, and it’s so clear we have all been placed here together on purpose. To celebrate the victories and mourn alongside each other during times of struggle, all while lifting one another up in prayer. It’s so humbling and powerful.

On Tuesday, I came to find our former roommate’s dad in the hall. His face filled with joy, his eyes strained from a night of unimaginable anticipation- his son had gotten a heart in the wee hours of Tuesday morning!!! Praise Jesus!!! I get goosebumps still as I write this. He was not expected to make it any more than a few hours outside the womb, but he made it 10 days and then his heart came!! Truly a miracle! Though they have a long road ahead, the relief and utter joy on his parent’s faces brings me to tears of happiness every time I think if them. We were a match made in roommate heaven 🙂 Such a blessing to have been able to share a room for the few days we did. We get to share in their celebration and praise our Lord for His tremendous miracles!! So amazing- there really aren’t words to describe. I love it.

Thanks to all who so prayerfully support us- it is so powerful. God is in this place-there is no doubt. I ask you to add these families to your prayers as well:

Today we ask you to join us in prayer for Poppy’s neighbor. He goes to surgery today. Here is a link to his caring bridge:

Our old roommate and his new heart! If I find out that they have a blog, I’ll be sure to share it!

And also for our other neighbor, he may be getting extubated today!! Here is a link to his Facebook page:

As well as our previous neighbor- he also has HLHS:

And finally, for a family who is facing the reality of losing a child to cancer 😦 Here is a link to her blog:



Crosby and cousin Otto!


Boy I miss him 😦 I’m ready for them to be back with us.

3 thoughts on “God is Here

  1. We are praying for your beautiful daughter and all of your family! My husband and I have been there. Our son was diagnosed with Digeorge Syndrome when he was 3 days old. He was given a 5% chance of surviving. He had damage to his intestines and kidneys but he also had an interrupted aortic arch which required surgery in order for him to survive. We spent many weeks out in Seattle Children’s Hospital while he recovered. There were many bumps in the road but when the day came for us to take him home was unbelievable! Our son turned 9 this year. God is great! Dr. Hardy has been taking care of our son since his first diagnosis and we love him. Dr. Permit was the surgeon that performed my son’s surgery. We praise God everyday for the wonderful staff at Children’s Hospital and everyone in the NICU unit at Missoula Community Hospital. We will continue to keep your family in our thoughts. It will be a long journey but as a guy who told me once when our son was in the hospital ” God gives us what he feels we can handle”. He trusts you to care for his special angel!

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