God’s Peace

Brad, Crosby, and I came early this morning to spend some time with Poppy before her big day. We walked in to see the BEST numbers she’s had in weeks!! Praise Jesus!! She looks soo good- you cannot wipe the grins off of our faces 😉 We have such a peace over today, it’s unexplainable. Poppy was taken to the OR a short while ago, and she just seemed so ready for the day ahead- so sweet and curious- full of God’s peace. Thank you all for keeping our family always in your prayers- we feel so encouraged and loved. I will update as the day progresses.

‘Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer.’
Romans 12:12

10 thoughts on “God’s Peace

  1. God is with each of you as you go through these days. We continue to pray for Poppy and the whole family.

  2. Dearest Poppy and your family I think of you all every day!! Poppy show us how it’s done sweet baby!!! I bet you will rock this procedure like all the rest!!! God be with this faithful family as you have been! Show them a miracle in Poppy’s long journey!!

  3. I woke up knowing today was Poppy’s Big day and I need to wish My daughter Happy Birthday as well. So today will be a great day. Especially after hearing Poppy was fantastic as well .. YEAH!! Prayers for Poppy, mom, dad & Crosby too 🙂 can’t wait to hear how everything went. Much Love ❤

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