Heart Day: 4 Years

Overwhelmed and humbled to tears…so beyond grateful for these years with Poppy.  As I look back on the life..the days, so full..full of life and beauty, bravery, hope, determination, endurance, courage, sacrifice, tears, worry, anxiety, fear…and think, “How did we even do that? How are we here now? She has come so far!!! How did we even get through last week?”

What is so clear and apparent…so far beyond the hard days and challenging trials that come with this life, is the constant overflowing of the Lord’s abundant grace. His grace…His sufficient grace that more than covers all of it..the joy, the trial, the gift of being..the gift of soaking in this time as a family..the gift of life..may we never take it for granted…Thank you Jesus for this precious gift and honor and privilege of getting to be a parent and getting to see our children grow alongside each other!! Tears of joy as we celebrate 4 years post transplant and attempt to soak in this time…with our tears of joy, come tears of sadness and mourning with the donor family, as they remember their sweet child, and for all the dear families who lost their sweet babes much too soon…may they never be forgotten

God is so good!!! HALLELUJAH!!!