In Seconds….

Poppy has had a great last few days. Her numbers have never looked so good. Heart rate has been between 125-140…like I said, the best her numbers have ever been.

Last night I watched Poppy’s heart rate go from 150s (happy but a little high) to 75 in seconds. Her profusion (blood flow) decreased for around 30 minutes…all while resting peacefully. She was able to maintain her blood pressure throughout, which was surprising but a good sign. She settled back down with some sedation. She continues to be in and out of her different arrhythmias, but stable like she has been the past few days. The reason for these new arrhythmias are not known.

I will never forget the image if her heart beating normally one second and sooo slow the next- this mamma may be traumatized…..such a weird feeling to see your baby so helpless and yet peaceful all at the same time…she can’t even help it- this is just her heart 😦 After a few great days, the sudden shock of reality reminding us to never get too comfortable- things can change in an instant….but then to also remember that this is true with anything/anyone in this life. We are continually humbled and brought back to our knees. As I keep saying, God totally has all of this…it’s times like last night that it’s just so hard to watch. What a comfort it is to know He holds her always.

As of now, the plan is still to close her chest today. Pray all goes well and the peace only He can provide for all of us. Also, for Brad and Crosby- they are soo sick with colds.


10 thoughts on “In Seconds….

  1. I’m not sure if you remember me… I’m a hairdresser in Bozeman. I pray for you guys every day! Your strength is inspiring and both of your children are beautiful! God Bless your family.

  2. Praying that all continues to improve and especially today for this procedure. God bless all of you with continued strength.

  3. Praying for all of you! Hope Brad & Crosby can get over there cold quickly too. So prayers for them. Praying hard in Butte for you guys and will be waiting to hear how everything went. Christi you are an amazing strong and wonderful MOM that God knows you can handle this. I know we question him at times but then as time goes on we have our answer. God bless through today’s journey. I am always here for any of you to visit with. Your old Conrad friend .. Tracy

  4. I am hoping to come and help Brad and Crosby move this Saturday the 20th! I dont have your house address but I am looking! I am friends wirh Bill And Kendra Fox!

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