March 24

Poppy had a great night last night and seems quite content today. She is still heavily sedated from her seizure meds but is moving her eyes around and blowing a few bubbles-that has been fun to see 🙂 The doctors are pleased and still planning to trial her off ECMO (life support) tomorrow! Praying praying that her heart has had enough rest.

When they trialled her off Friday, she only lasted about 5 minutes because they found significant regurgitation in her tricuspid valve which they had not expected. With this kind of regurgitation, her heart won’t make it off of ECMO. At this point, the surgeons are confident that the repairs made during the surgery are not to blame for this new issue, but are continuing to monitor it. The doctors and nurses have seen this type of thing improve over time, so time is what she’s gotten this weekend. However it’s quite the tightrope the she walks, as more time on the ECMO is what her heart needs to heal but it’s the effects of ECMO that is what has caused some small bleeds and possible strokes shown by head ultrasound and her seizures verify that there is cause for concern. She gets a head ultrasound everyday to make sure her brain is the same (hasn’t gotten worse), so there is definitely a push to get her off ECMO as soon as possible. Praying praying she is ready tomorrow so we can just focus on her heart and she can hopefully get her chest closed up soon.

It’s definitely been a rough week, but we are so thankful that she is breathing pretty much on her own and her kidneys are functioning very well!! She looks more and more like our Poppy everydayThese are things to be thankful for!! 🙂 We are, no doubt, ready for a miracle, but we know that all is on God’s watch. Praying to have the patience and peace we need for this roller coaster ride we are on! Thank you all for your prayers and encouraging words- truly is so comforting to know Poppy is so loved and prayed for 🙂 Tomorrow will be a great day!!!

13 thoughts on “March 24

  1. You don’t know me but it was posted on my facebook page about your precious little babies heart condition. I can not imagine what you are going thru. Little ones are very near and dear to my heart. You, your little one and family are in my prayers and my thoughts. I know God will be faithful to all of you and His grace is sufficient to get you thru. Blessing and my prayers are with you.

  2. We continue to hold all of you and especially little Poppy in our prayers, God does answer our prayers showing us that we truly are His beloved children.

  3. Thank you for the update. I’m so sorry for how difficult this week and season has been. Continuing to pray and will pass on the update and new prayer requests.
    Lord, please give Poppy a strong heart, able to function on its own without ECMO and please heal her body of every side affect of it.
    One of the things I often pray for our baby girl with a similar condition as Poppy’s (due July 4th) is Psalm 21:4, that the Lord would give her life and length of days. Will be praying the same for Baby Poppy. for our “story of Grace.”

  4. Today as always you are all being missed and thought of and our prayers are strong and constant! Stay strong!

  5. Half of Tyler Texas knows about Poppy and is praying for her!
    And Christi, we pray for you–for strength, endurance, and assuredness that God, our Loving Creator, is in control. I pray for peace for you and Brad. So hard to have at this time, I know. We love you and will continue to pray.
    Jayne Brown

  6. so sorry for this last LONG wk. but praying that this next wk. will go fast n u will all be home before u know it…

  7. Christi, my wife and I found Poppy’s story here today and were very moved. We have been in Seattle this year with our new guy, and he has had a tough go of it with HLHS but has been doing well. We know what it is like to walk the tightrope, not knowing what each day will bring. We are praying for Poppy and your family.

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