Off to get her new heart!!!

Poppy was just taken back to the OR to begin to get ready for her new heart. They are expecting her heart to arrive around 4:30am and for her to be out of the OR by 8am. Please pray for a miraculous time in the OR for all involved. Lord, make your presence known!!

Today around 4:30, Poppy and I were visited by 3 of the transplant coordinators. They walked in and started by saying, ‘are you ready for a long night? You better get some rest because you have a long night ahead of you!!’ Trembling I burst into sobbing tears of joy all over the transplant coordinators!! I literally ran downstairs to the pool where Brad and Crosby were passing the time and may have made a huge scene? 😉 We are still trembling- thank you Jesus.

This is all so surreal- so truly overwhelming. Our girl will come back from the OR no longer dusky gray, but pink!!! I cannot wait to see our darling girl on the road to feeling better!! Oh this precious gift of life we have been blessed with receiving!! So incredibly overwhelming. Miraculous. God is so good- He never leaves us or forsakes us- praise Jesus!!

There are really no words to describe how much gratitude we feel for this precious gift our Poppy has been blessed with. Our prayers tonight are for the donor family. We pray for God’s divine peace to surround them and comfort them as they mourn their deep tragedy. We pray also for Poppy- that this new heart would be an unforgettable symbol of God’s never ending love and faithfulness. We pray also for those families whose precious child is still waiting and those sweet ones who have already gone on to be with Jesus. Lord, surround their families with your love and comfort and peace in knowing that Your timing is the most perfect timing. Help us to never forget just how special each day is with our loved ones you have so richly blessed us with. Help us to seek Your will for our lives in all things and in all ways give You and only You the honor and glory forever. Amen.

Philippians 4:4-7












19 thoughts on “Off to get her new heart!!!

  1. Can’t sleep…praying for Poppy, for the hands and minds doing such incredible delicate work right now, for that precious new heart that Poppy is receiving, for the donor’s family….I praise our God who sees ALL right now and is present with each of us, giving us comfort. I pray for those who don’t know Him. How worthless life is without knowing our Creator, Redeemer, and Counselor! May all of this be to Your glory O LORD! Brad and Christi….Hugs to you….

  2. Dear Lord direct these doctors for you are the greatest doctor of all. Bring Poppy to a successful surgery . Amen

  3. Tears of joy for your family! Praise God for his always perfect timing! Heavenly Father we THANK YOU and praise you for this amazing gift you have for precious Poppy. We know that you are the ultimate physician and healer and we ask that you be present in the OR, that you guide the hands of the surgeons and all those working on Poppy, that she might come out of the OR pink and thriving – a living testimony of your love and grace. Lord we pray also for the donor family Father and ask that you bring them comfort and peace and strength during this time of loss Lord. We pray that they feel your presence as you wrap them in your loving arms. Again we thank you and praise you, Father and ask these things in the precious name of your son, Jesus. Amen. <3<3<3

  4. I came across your blog yesterday through a friend’s posting on Facebook. My husband and I have two little ones about the same ages of yours, and our hearts go out to you as your family is on this journey; we prayed last night for precious Poppy, her big brother, you and your husband, the donor’s family, and all the doctors and nurses involved in Poppy’s surgery and care. During the night, our infant was up every hour and half…he’s not a sleep pro yet, but that was a lot even for him :). I’m certain it was so that we could pray for Poppy throughout the night and into the morning. Just wanted you to know you are being lifted up and covered in prayer–loving you all from MN :).

  5. This was the verse that was sent to me today…thought you could use it as well!
    Keep me safe, O God, for I have come to you for refuge.
    ~ Psalm 16:1
    Praying for all involved! 🙂

  6. Thank you for sharing your journey. It’s just a wonderful way to track everything and at the same time see the outpouring of needed prayers and support for your family. I can’t even imagine the day to day or minute by minute hope, anguish, worry … I’m 63, have raised 3 children and have 7 grandchildren (with a great on the way) and love each one with all my heart. Praying for Poppy’s new heart (a pink Poppy) and for your family. You are very courageous and inspiring!

  7. We’ve been following your blog, passing it along from time to time and praying for all of you since the beginning. Praying last night and today with intensity!! You’re faith and commitment to God have been an inspiration to all! God bless you today!!

  8. Praise God. Poppy will come out of this to the most amazing family. She’ll be raised in a home where the faith in our Lord Jesus is so strong and she’ll grow to be a truely blessed and faith filled child of God. Prayers to the Drs and staff today to be able to do their job with The Lord guiding their every move.

  9. That is amazing. So glad she got her heart. She is such an adorable little spirit. This is just great news. So happy for you and your family. Will definitely keep her in my prayers.

  10. Was up at night praying for Poppy and the surgeons, trusting in the Lord’s power and faithfulness to direct the entire process! So excited for you all! The Lord is so good- all the time!

  11. Christi, your family is so beautiful. Praising God for all that He has done so far, and what He is going to do. Sending lots of hugs and love your way.

  12. Tears of joy Christi! Praying for strength, grace and peace for everyone involved, both donors and recipients. Love to you all!

  13. We have never met but your story is wonderful. I had tears this morning from reading this post. I am so glad Poppy received her heart (and is pink) and our family will continue to pray for her to recover and go on to have a joyful life. Our daughter had a co arch, asd and vsd repaired a week after birth. She has a parachute mirta valve issue as well. At 2 1/2 she is doing great. I will also pray that you and your husband continue to have strength.

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