Poppy has left the building!!

We are just getting settled at ‘home!’ Organizing meds and getting her set up for a restful night. Hallelujah we made it!!! It happened!! Our baby is ‘HOME!!!’ A dream come true!! 🙂 Now on to clinic 3 times this week!! Praying for a restful weekend!!


20 thoughts on “Poppy has left the building!!

  1. Praise God is all I can say!!! Poppy is one lucky little girl to have such patient, wonderful parents such as you, Brad and Christi!! Your love and belief in the Lord is what got Poppy to where she is today!! Welcome Home sweet Little Poppy!! I can’t wait for the day we can meet you. Our love, and prayers to all four of you. You are all truly a wonderful gift from God!!!! ❤

  2. How absolutely wonderful!!! I can remember when my first born grand daughter came home after her first surgery from HLHS….truly amazing what God and doctors can accomplish!

  3. Thanks to God for bringing Poppy and you through this long daunting journey! He has transported you from your devastating news December 17 to this glorious news today, July 5! What rejoicing is going on in precious Poppy’s name! Praise the Lord!

  4. Just think of how strange everything must be to her…..never being outside of the walls of the hospital….such a vast world out there…and little Poppy is now just beginning her journey ….thru this wounderous world…….God is with you sweet Poppy and always will be…..bless u sweet baby…We r so happy for all of you.
    Max and Melodee

  5. What joy and relief! The feelings are indescribable. We totally understand how you feel. You will do great with her care. And we (and our prayer warriors) will not stop praying for Poppy! Looking forward to hearing about her progress. Praise God from Whom ALL blessings flow! Love, Paul and Cynthia Johnson (Gaelen Johnson’s grandparents).

  6. Amen!! Praise God! I am so happy for you all!! Enjoy your family time. Love, hugs, and prayers sent to you!

  7. Oh this is such awesome news!!!! Welcome home Poppy! Keep up the good work! You are such a wonderful miracle!!!

  8. So glad she is HOME! Continuing to pray for Poppy and your family. Let us know if there are specific prayer requests as you transition to being home with her.

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