Poppy is 3!!!

Poppy got to celebrate her third birthday this past week! It is so hard to believe that 3 years have already flown by! What an incredibly special and humbling gift to be able to share another birthday with our girl ❤️  She has been through so much and by the grace of God, has come so far in her short 3 years…it’s honestly hard to fully grasp it all. We celebrated with family and enjoyed the most beautifully delicious birthday cake ever, made by our friends who own Big Sky Bakery. It was wonderful 😊


This week has been full of painfully sweet memories of 3 years ago…In a moment we’re back there living it..the times of so much uncertainty so clearly consume my thoughts…goosebumps..as I’m actually able to put myself back in her hospital room, consumed by God’s grace, as we prayed and were prayed for, waiting on the Lord and His timing…as our sweet babe fought so desperately for her life.  We really didn’t know what would come..things were so touch and go for months…to be where we are now, looking back is emotionally heavy and so very miraculous.  We try to put each day into perspective and make a point to cherish the time we have together. Poppy and Crosby are our greatest delights…life can change in an instant..we’ve got to be intentional about soaking in all that we can with our loved ones…each day is truly a gift.


It has been such an honor and privilege to watch her grow and learn.  In the past few months, she has grown so much.  She is getting stronger physically and is now consistently army crawling around to explore her environment. This past week, she is getting more into hands and knees to reach for things she wants, which is sooo exciting!!

She is now using quite a few basic signs to communicate, and is really starting to become confident with them! She uses: please, more, thank you, eat, pray, all done, play, clean up, and brush teeth! She loves to eat, play, spend time with her friends in the church nursery and overall really seems to enjoy her therapies! She loves bright lights, toys that sing and make loud noises, books, balloons, plastic, Signing Time, swinging, teasing, crinkly textures to chew on, and is showing preference for certain colors and textures more and more! She even picked out her own party dress!! 😊

Right now Poppy is NOT into diaper changes, getting dressed, or getting her hair styled and definitely lets everyone around know this 😉 She is very much a daddy’s girl, often saying ‘dada’ when Brad is around. She’s really quite the little lady! She’s super sweet and flirty most of the time, and in an instant she can become her stubborn feisty self, in effort to communicate her annoyances. As you can imagine, this has been challenging and encouraging all at the same time. 😉

Hopefully very soon, Poppy will be able to start Special Ed Preschool a couple of mornings a week, in addition to her regular 6 hour/week therapy schedule. Our hope is that this time with peers, teachers, and therapists will be another way of reinforcing the intensive speech, occupational, and physical therapies she’s already working on, as well as provide more opportunity for peer social interactions that she so desires and enjoys.  Initially we were hesitant to try this route, due to the amount of germs she’ll be exposed to on top of the germs she’s already exposed to in a typical week of therapies and doctor appointments, but she absolutely LOVES her time in the nursery with her peers…LOVES IT!! And because of that, we feel we’ve got to try, as right now it really seems it would be the very best thing for her as well has her development. We are super excited for her to start, because we have a feeling she’s going to love it. 😊 She has many needs, so getting her communicative, mobility, and other needs met for the classroom environment takes time, effort, and lots of collaboration.

Healthwise, she’s doing pretty well overall. February was a challenging month of illness. In addition to fighting the terrible tummy bug that’s been circulating, as well as catching pink eye, and a couple of ear infections, she ended up being hospitalized briefly for metaneumovirus. She has since been well and really thriving! She’s 27lbs now and filling out 4T clothes!

In April, we will head to Seattle for her annual cath with biopsy to check for rejection and coronary artery disease. We’re praying for beautiful results with no sign of rejection or heart disease. It’s so hard to believe in May she will be 3 years post transplant as well!! Hallelujah!!

For anyone who isn’t on Facebook, we made a special announcement last month… 😊
Crosby and Poppy are getting a baby SISTER in June!!! 🙂 We couldn’t be more excited!!

And lastly…Poppy enjoying one of her birthday presents!!